Small Space-Saving Christmas Tree Ideas

In smaller living spaces furniture is often positioned to maximise space, so thoughts of adding an artificial Christmas tree might fill apartment owners with concern...

Small xmas tree

In smaller living spaces furniture is often positioned to maximise space, so thoughts of adding an artificial Christmas tree might fill apartment owners with concern!

But this doesn’t have to be the case, especially with the fantastic range of space saving Christmas tree ideas we have available here at Bents Garden & Home; all of which will create a perfectly sized festive centrepiece.

Advantages of space-saving Christmas trees

Here are the main advantages of space-saving Christmas trees:

Ease of Setup

One of the most significant benefits of space-saving Christmas trees is their simplicity in setup. Ideal for those with busy lifestyles, these often come as pre-lit trees, requiring minimal effort to assemble and decorate. This convenience is particularly appealing during the hectic festive season.

Storage Solutions

Post-Christmas storage is a breeze with these compact trees. Their design allows for easy dismantling and efficient storage in small spaces, ensuring they don’t take up valuable rooms in your flat or apartment throughout the year.

Suitability for Smaller Living Spaces

Space-saving trees are specifically designed for smaller living areas. They provide the festive charm of a traditional Christmas tree without overwhelming your living space. Whether it's a slimline tree for a narrow corner or a half-tree against a wall, they fit perfectly in compact urban dwellings, ensuring everyone can enjoy the holiday spirit regardless of their living situation.

Popular types of space-saving trees

Discover space-efficient Christmas tree options, from slender pencil trees to versatile tabletop and half-trees, perfect for urban living:

Pencil Trees

Small Pencil Christmas Tree

Slim, pencil trees make the perfect small space Christmas tree.  They can fit into smaller spaces and corners with a narrow diameter but can be decorated with just as much effect as the larger varieties.  

Despite their slim profile, pencil trees can still make a striking holiday statement.

Tabletop Trees

Table top Christmas tree with decorations

Perfect for very limited spaces, tabletop trees can sit on counters, desks, or shelves. They offer a touch of festivity without occupying floor space.

Slim Artificial Trees

Slim artificial xmas tree for small spaces

These artificial trees are designed to provide the full height of a traditional tree while taking up less horizontal space. They're a great compromise for those who don't want to skip the classic tree look.

Half Trees

A dual purpose half Christmas tree

Specifically designed to sit flush against a wall or in a corner, half trees give the illusion of a full tree while only occupying half the space. This design is an ingenious way to maximize limited living areas.

If a full tree isn’t for you or you simply don’t have the floor space, why not consider one of our Dual Purpose Artificial Trees which fits neatly against a wall. 

Utilising half the space of a traditional tree, whilst retaining a good height at 2m tall, this space saving Christmas tree can be decorated just as elaborately as one twice its size. 

Wall-mounted Hanging Trees

These trees can be hung on the wall, often in a flat or semi-flat design, saving precious floor area while still bringing holiday cheer. 

Where to Buy Space-Saving Christmas Trees

Finding the perfect space-saving Christmas tree for your home is easy at Bents. We offer a wide selection of artificial Christmas trees, including slim, tabletop, and half-trees, ideal for smaller spaces. 

Whether you're looking for something traditional or more modern, our range caters to all tastes and needs. Explore our collection online at Bents Garden & Home Artificial Christmas Trees and choose a tree that brings festive cheer into your home, no matter its size.

Tips for decorating small space trees

A well decorated small Christmas tree

Decorating small trees, such as tabletop or pencil trees, requires a thoughtful approach to maintain their charm without overwhelming them. Here are some tips:

Scale Down Decorations

Choose smaller ornaments to decorate your tree and lights to keep everything in proportion. This prevents the tree from looking cluttered and maintains an elegant appearance.

Colour Coordination

Stick to a simple colour scheme. A more uniform look can make small trees appear more sophisticated and less busy.

Strategic Lighting

Use smaller, softer lights to add a warm glow without overpowering the tree. Consider LED string lights for a delicate sparkle.

Minimalist Approach

Embrace a less-is-more philosophy. A few well-placed decorations can make a more significant impact than overcrowding the tree.

Create a showstopper

Tree with minimal decorations

No matter what its size, your tree can always be a showstopper, just follow a few simple steps with our Christmas tree ideas for small spaces.  

Keep colour simple and restrict your theme to two main colours with an accent colour such as silver or white with a splash of blue from our Royal Azure theme.  Be selective by using more of the same items rather than lots of different decorations and dare to be different by including some unusual decorations such as mirror balls and vintage finial ornaments from our Kaleidoscope Dreams theme.  

For more detailed tips on tree decoration, you can refer to our comprehensive guide on How to Decorate a Christmas Tree, which offers a wealth of ideas suitable for all tree sizes.

Storage Solutions for Space-Saving Christmas Trees

Storing space-saving Christmas trees efficiently is key, especially in smaller dwellings. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Original Packaging - Retain the tree's original packaging for compact and protective storage.
  2. Compact Containers - Opt for storage bags or containers designed for Christmas trees, which can be compressed or reshaped to fit tight spaces, like under beds or in cupboards
  3. Disassembly and Labelling - If your tree is artificial, disassemble it carefully and label the parts for straightforward reassembly next year, aiding in organised and compact storage.
  4. Protective Wrapping - Use soft materials to wrap delicate branches or decorations, safeguarding them from damage and dust.
  5. Vertical Space Utilisation - Employ vertical storage solutions, like wall-mounted hooks in utility spaces, to hang disassembled tree parts.

Proper storage is vital for saving space and keeping your Christmas tree in prime condition for future festive seasons.

Wrapping it up

Whether you choose a slim artificial tree, a charming tabletop version, or a unique wall-mounted design, there's a tree to fit every space and style.

By combining creative decorating tips and efficient storage solutions, you can enjoy the full holiday experience without the worry of space constraints. Remember, the joy of Christmas comes in all sizes, and a well-chosen, beautifully decorated tree is at the heart of this magical season.

Why not check out our selection of artificial Christmas trees online or pop in-store and speak to one of our colleagues who will be able to show you many more small space Christmas tree ideas.