Traditional Christmas Tree Ornaments & Decorations

As Christmas Day approaches, beautiful trees bedecked with glittering ornaments become a familiar sight in homes throughout the country. The tradition of decorating ...

Gingerbread Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament

As Christmas Day approaches, beautiful trees bedecked with glittering ornaments become a familiar sight in homes throughout the country.

The tradition of decorating Christmas trees dates back to the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria's German-born husband, Prince Albert, introduced the custom to the British Isles. Initially, simple Christmas tree decorations like candles and homemade ornaments were used to decorate the evergreen trees.

Over the years, the tradition has evolved and intricate Christmas tree ornaments gained popularity. From delicate hand-blown glass baubles and intricately crafted decorations to homemade creations, each ornament carries a little piece of festive joy that continues to brighten homes during the Yuletide season.

Popular Ornaments for Decorating Your Tree

Christmas tree ornaments vary from traditional to contemporary. Handcrafted glass baubles, inspired by Victorian elegance continue to be a firm favourite and now share branches with whimsical characters and modern designs.

Wooden Christmas tree ornaments, festive foliage and showstopping tree toppers all add a modern look and a touch of individuality to any Christmas tree.

Beautiful Baubles

Christmas Tree Ornament Display

Glass Christmas tree ornaments and beautiful baubles have been essential decorations and the first choice for the tree for centuries, tracing their origins back to 19th-century Germany. These delicate treasures capture and reflect the warm glow of festive lights and adorn Christmas trees with timeless elegance.

Our glass bauble sets can be chosen to suit your colour scheme and are perfect for filling out the tree. Delicately designed glass Christmas Tree ornaments add the perfect finishing touches to your chosen theme. Our glass pinecone decorations and beautifully painted mushroom baubles are perfect for creating our Mischief Way theme.

Whatever you choose, your Christmas tree ornaments will become a cherished keepsake, bringing back memories and weaving a tapestry of tradition and joy each year.

Christmas characters

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Hanger

Whilst baubles and glass Christmas tree ornaments make the perfect backdrop for your tree, Christmas characters can bring a touch of charm and cheekiness!

Disney Christmas tree ornaments and Harry Potter Christmas tree ornaments are sure to be a big hit with the little ones. And who couldn’t smile at the sight of our gingerbread man ornaments from our Sugar and Spice theme.

Wooden Christmas Tree ornaments are also a festive favourite and are perfect for those choosing a more traditional or nature-themed look especially when combined with bird Christmas tree ornaments such as those in this year’s Tranquillity theme.

Festive foliage

Robin in nest for Christmas tree decoration

Here at Bents Garden & Home we’re a big fan of festive foliage and love the way it can be used to fill out around your ornaments for Christmas trees. Our designers love to use a combination of leafy garlands, fabulous flowers and sprigs of berries.

Whilst earthy tones look great against wood Christmas tree ornaments, we also love the glittery gold and blue flourishes in our Eclipse Valley theme. At Christmas time foliage doesn’t have to be green…it can be as bright and bold as your hearts desire.

Tree Toppers

Ornamental fairy used as a tree topper

Ornaments for Christmas trees are not just for their branches. The top of the tree is also crying out to be dressed. Sparkling stars and pretty angels are often a family tradition and become a festive ritual, choosing who should add this all-important finishing touch.

As well as these more traditional Christmas decorations we have a whole host of ideas for topping the tree. Feathers, foliage and berry branches can all be combined to make a truly spectacular statement.

DIY ornaments

DIY paper star light kit

Crafting your own Christmas tree ornaments adds a personalised touch to the festive season and is a great activity for the little ones. Choose simple materials like paper, felt or clay, and let your creativity flourish. Design classic shapes like stars, and hearts, or take inspiration from our gingerbread man Christmas tree ornaments.

Consider embellishing with paint, glitter, or festive ribbons for added flair and you could explore online tutorials for inspiration or invent your own designs.

Paper chains are always a favourite and this year we’ve got a great DIY paperchain kit with LED lights for some added sparkle. Whatever you decide to create, the resulting handmade Christmas tree ornaments will not only decorate your tree but also hold sentimental value for years to come.

Questions about tree ornaments

Here are some common questions people ask about tree ornaments and decorations:

How to choose ornaments?

Go with your heart! Selecting Christmas ornaments is a delightful endeavour that allows you to infuse your holiday decor with personality and style. Maybe start by embellishing an existing theme or choose a new colour scheme and create a whole new look.

Consider the size of your tree and the space available for a balanced arrangement. Mix classic and contemporary ornaments and combine a variety of shapes and textures. You can personalise your tree with ornaments that hold sentimental value, such as handmade creations or family heirlooms.

Or why not combine traditional Christmas tree ornaments with quirky, unexpected pieces. Trust your instincts and choose ornaments for Christmas trees that resonate with your festive spirit, creating a uniquely enchanting display.

How to hang ornaments?

Christmas tree ornaments usually come with their own ribbon or hooks for hanging, but we’re big fans of fixing your ornaments to the tree with wire. This way they won’t fall off if your tree is accidentally knocked and they will sit snugly against the branches. We sell both silver and gold wire on a reel which is perfect for fixing your decorations.

Read our article on how to decorate your Christmas tree for more top tips.

How many ornaments?

We love going big with our Christmas themes and not sure you can ever have enough Christmas tree ornaments! We would recommend using larger baubles and decorations first, making sure not to forget the inner parts of the tree to create depth and structure.

Smaller baubles have more impact when used in clusters. Make the most of the decorations you have by only dressing the part of the tree that is showing. If in a corner there is no need to use your best baubles at the back– no one will see them!

How to store ornaments?

Preserving the magic of your Christmas tree ornaments requires proper storage. Begin by gently removing each ornament, ensuring they are free from dust or debris. Wrap delicate ornaments in tissue paper or bubble wrap for added protection.

You could also invest in durable storage containers with individual compartments or layers to prevent breakage. Label each compartment so you can identify them easily next year. Consider storing in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture damage and avoid overcrowding to minimize the risk of breakage.

For heirloom or sentimental pieces, consider padded ornament storage boxes. Taking these precautions will help to ensure your cherished ornaments will emerge unscathed and ready to adorn your tree again next year.

Wrapping it up

We love Christmas…creating our themes and displays is one of our biggest passions. And Christmas tree ornaments play a huge part in this. They serve as more than mere decorations; they create traditions, make memories, and inspire creativity.

From their historical roots that connect us to Victorian England to the beautiful array of Christmas tree ornaments that grace our trees today, each bauble holds a unique story.

Crafting your own ornaments can be a heartfelt expression of personal joy, while careful storage ensures the longevity of cherished pieces.

Choosing ornaments for Christmas trees becomes an art, weaving together themes, colours and sentimental value. As we dress our trees, we not only celebrate the festive season but also embrace the timeless magic these ornaments bring, creating joy that transcends generations.