Festive Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Get Ready for the Holidays with these Christmas fireplace decoration ideas. The holiday season is here, and it’s the perfect time to give your home a festive m...

Christmas fireplace decor

Get Ready for the Holidays with these Christmas fireplace decoration ideas.

The holiday season is here, and it's the perfect time to give your home a festive makeover! The fireplace often becomes the centrepiece of holiday gatherings. In this blog, we'll share easy and delightful ways to decorate your fireplace for Christmas.

Our top picks for Christmas fireplace decor

Discover how to enhance your fireplace decor with beautiful Christmas garlands, magical fairy lights, and unique fireplace ornaments. Join us as we explore our top picks for creating a cosy and inviting Christmas fireplace.

Christmas fireplace themes

Mischief Way Christmas Theme

This Christmas, bring your fireplace to life with a theme that reflects your style, using the inspired collection from Bents Garden and Home.

For a sweet touch, the 'Gingerbread Sugar & Spice' or 'Candy Cane Lane' themes offer classic holiday cheer with vibrant colours. If you prefer natural beauty, 'Natural Living' provides a serene, earthy vibe, while 'Mono Chrome' and 'Royal Azure' offer sleek and elegant options.

For a playful twist, 'Gone Skiing' and 'Mischief Way' add fun and whimsy, or choose 'Simple Elegance' and 'Tranquility' for a more understated, sophisticated look. 'Eclipse Valley' brings a sense of mystery, and 'It's a Wrap' offers a nostalgic feel. 'Kaleidoscope Dreams' and 'Sweet Magnolia' themes add bursts of colour and soft pastels for a unique festive touch.

Each theme can be beautifully complemented with matching accessories, from garlands and stockings to fairy lights and candles, all available in Bents Garden and Home’s Christmas Decorations collection. These themes will help you create a stunning and cohesive fireplace display that captures the spirit of the season.

Christmas garlands for fireplace

Christmas garlands for fireplace

Transform your fireplace into a festive delight with Christmas garlands. Classic evergreen garlands are perfect for a traditional feel. Add baubles, beads, and decorations to match your colour scheme for that extra sparkle. For more glamour, choose a pre-lit mantlepiece garland or add your own lights for a stunning effect.

You can also coordinate your fireplace garland with your Christmas tree’s theme. One of our top picks this year is 'Mischief Way', featuring playful squirrels and cheeky hedgehogs, bringing a fun and whimsical feel. Imagine a flurry of friendly animals hidden in the lush branches of your fireplace garland, creating a charming Christmas scene.

Traditional stockings

Stockings for fireplace

Decorating your fireplace with Christmas stockings is a wonderful way to add a traditional touch to your festive decorations. Here are some creative ideas to enhance your fireplace with stockings, drawing inspiration from various sources:

  1. Choose stockings that match your overall colour scheme. This creates a harmonious and visually appealing display
  2. Personalise your stockings by embroidering names or creating handmade stockings if you're crafty. This adds a unique and personal touch to your decor.
  3. Don’t hesitate to experiment with non-traditional Christmas colours for a unique look. For example, a soft sparkle theme with blush pink and white can still evoke Christmas cheer without the traditional red and green
  4. If you're into DIY, creating your own stockings with paper crafts or other materials can be a fun family activity and give a unique charm to your fireplace

For a wide selection of Christmas stockings to match these ideas, you can explore the Bents Garden and Home Christmas ornaments category. Here, you'll find a variety of options to suit any theme or colour scheme you choose for your festive fireplace decor.

Ornaments for fireplace

Ornaments for fireplace

Bring a pop of colour and sparkle with an assortment of ornaments for the fireplace. Hang from your Christmas garlands, nestle miniature trees and hide cute little characters amongst its branches or start your love of Lemax with any one of our collectables which will be the perfect Christmas fireplace decoration.

And it’s not all about the mantlepiece…the hearth is the perfect place for fireplace ornaments. Choose items that are a little bit larger for maximum impact from traditional lanterns and pre-lit Christmas characters to a classic poinsettia or festive floral arrangement, the choice is endless.

Festive Wreaths


Holly Pine Wreath

Wreaths are not just for front doors; they're perfect for adding a festive touch to your fireplace too. Hanging a wreath above the mantel can create an eye-catching centrepiece. Choose a traditional evergreen wreath with pinecones and berries for a classic look, or try themed wreaths that complement your overall holiday theme.

For those who love crafting, our How to Make a Christmas Wreath post offers great tips and ideas for creating your unique wreath. Check out the blog for inspiration and step-by-step guidance to add that personal touch to your Christmas decor.

Scented Candles

LED candles for mantelpiece

Create a warm glow with candles by your fireplace.

Candles are a wonderful way to bring warmth and a romantic feel to your Christmas fireplace setting. You can choose from decorative candle holders or scented Christmas candles with festive fragrances to boost the holiday mood. If you prefer a safer option, LED candles are a great alternative. They offer the same festive touch and can be reused every year. For an extra sparkle, consider adding fairy lights to the mantelpiece, giving your fireplace a simple yet elegant look.

Fairy lights


LED Fairy Lights

Transform your fireplace into a twinkling wonderland this Christmas with fairy lights. These tiny, sparkling lights bring a warm and inviting glow to any space. Whether draped over the mantel, woven through garlands, or placed inside lanterns on the hearth, fairy lights add a magical touch to your festive decorations. They're versatile, easy to arrange, and can make your fireplace the focal point of your holiday gatherings.

Explore our wide range of Christmas fairy lights at Bents Garden and Home to find the perfect style for your home this festive season.

Banners & bunting

Merry Christmas banners

Personalise your fireplace with banners and bunting this Christmas.

Add a festive flair to your fireplace with charming banners and bunting. These decorations are perfect for spelling out holiday messages or adding a splash of colour and fun to your mantel. You can choose from traditional 'Merry Christmas' banners, playful designs, or even DIY your own for a personalised touch.

When decorating with banners and bunting, remember to prioritise safety. Ensure they are securely fastened and placed at a safe distance from any open flames or heat sources to prevent fire hazards.

For a variety of festive banners and bunting, as well as other Christmas decorations to complement your fireplace, visit Bents Garden and Home's Christmas Decorations. Here, you'll find the perfect options to make your fireplace the heart of your holiday home.

Create your perfect Christmas fireplace

Festive fireplace mantel decorations

No matter if you love a classic, rustic style or a modern, eclectic look, the most important thing is to add your personal touch to your Christmas fireplace décor. Use beautiful evergreen garlands, simple mantlepiece fairy lights, or warm candles to make your space cosy and inviting.

These ideas are here to help you make a festive area full of memories. So, pick your decorations, get creative, and let your Christmas fireplace be a bright spot in your home this holiday season.