How to make a Christmas wreath


A home-made Christmas door wreath is a traditional Christmas decoration that can be hung indoors or outdoors and makes the most of a few simple ingredients pruned from your garden.

Christmas wreaths can be completely natural, featuring holly berries and poinsettia blooms, or you can add some artificial touches like ribbon bows and sleigh bells. It’s completely up to you, your imagination and your decoration scheme for this holiday season.

Here are some Christmas wreath ideas to help get you started, along with our beginner’s guide on how to make Christmas wreaths.

How to make Christmas wreaths

You’ll find a selection of wreaths and garlands in the Bents Christmas Shop, including a variety of fully finished wreaths that are ready to hang with no crafting required. To make your own, start with a ring onto which you will attach your decorations.

Making a wreath for Christmas
Beginners DIY Xmas Wreath

Step 1

Select a Ring or Base Material: Begin by choosing the base onto which you will attach the decorative elements. You can opt for: A Circle of Wire: A flexible and commonly used option, providing a versatile base for wreath-making. A Ring of Florists’ Foam: Ideal for floral-themed wreaths, providing a spongy base to easily insert and secure various decorations.

A Plain Green Wreath: If you prefer a more traditional look, a pre-made plain green wreath can serve as an excellent starting point.

Step 2

Prepare the Base: If you’ve chosen a wire ring or a plain green wreath, it’s essential to prepare the base for further embellishment. You can: Add Green Tinsel: Wrap green tinsel around the wire or plain wreath to provide a festive and attractive background for your decorations.

Use Real or Artificial Evergreen Cuttings: If starting from scratch, layer the base with real or artificial evergreen cuttings. Secure them in place to form the basic circular wreath shape.

Festive Fruits

We love dried fruits as an alternative to poinsettias and holly berries when decorating a wreath – in fact our
Christmas Orange Circle is made almost entirely of dehydrated fruits and veggies.

Citrus fruits in particular give a very Christmassy scent, and you can add cinnamon sticks or spray with a spritz of your favourite festive fragrance oils to enhance the effect further.

Garden Grabbing

Grabbing bits and pieces from the garden is the traditional way to make a Christmas wreath, and just a few cuttings and clippings can go further than you’d think.

If you have conifers or other evergreens, you’ve got the basics covered immediately. Holly leaves are a great addition too – just be careful of children around their spiky leaves.

Anything red provides some fantastic colour contrast, such as berries and poinsettias as we’ve already mentioned. White works great against the green background too – make the most of whatever’s in bloom, and top up with some artificial flowers if necessary.

All is Bright

Modern battery LED lights make it easier than ever to add twinkling points of light to trees, shrubs and home-made Christmas door wreaths.

Use a small set of outdoor LED lights with a 24-hour timer, and your wreath will automatically light up at the same time each day (usually for up to 5 hours – but be sure to check the details on the LED string lights you buy).

Solar string lights are another option, as these will come on automatically at dusk and run until they use up their charge from that day’s daylight.

Find Inspiration at Bents

Bents Christmas Shop is a great place to find inspiration for home-made Christmas decorations, with ready-to-hang wreaths and plain green foliage wreaths you can personalise yourself.

You’ll also find a selection of finishing touches and battery LED lights that will keep your Christmas door wreath twinkling right through the night.