Weatherproof Garden Furniture

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Weatherproof Garden Furniture That Lasts All Year Round

The British weather is famously unpredictable, from spring showers, through summer downpours, to the more reliably wet weather of autumn and winter.

But there’s plenty of garden seating, outdoor tables and other garden furniture that can take a shower of rain with no problems, so that you don’t have to get it undercover as soon as the first drops start to fall.

Here’s our complete guide to durable garden furniture that can withstand any weather, all year round. Explore a selection of reliable options that let you enjoy outdoor living without worrying about rain or shine.

This guide is your go-to resource for finding comfortable and stylish garden furniture that remains resilient through every season, ensuring your outdoor space is always inviting.

Weatherproof Garden Furniture | Guide to All-Year-Round Comfort

The Best Weatherproof Garden Furniture

Choosing the right all-year-round garden furniture can seem daunting, but understanding the best materials can simplify the process.

Opt for materials like teak, stone, and metal, known for their durability and resistance to weather. Teak and stone, renowned for their natural weather-resistant properties, promise both style and longevity.

Metal, particularly Hartman aluminium garden furniture or cast iron coated, offers an unbeatable blend of durability and modern aesthetics.

Finding the best weatherproof garden chairs and benches doesn’t stop at choosing the right material. You also need to protect your furniture to extend its lifespan. Use patio furniture covers when not in use, or consider using protective sprays or oils, particularly for wooden pieces.

Weatherproof Garden Chairs

For truly weatherproof garden seating, there are some materials you can leave out all year round, no matter what the weather may bring.

Weatherproof Garden Bench

A stone bench is a great addition to any nook or corner of your garden. Choose from classic and contemporary stone benches, or something creative like a stone tree trunk bench.

Weatherproof garden benches can stay in place for years on end, becoming a well weathered focal point and a familiar place to sit when walking around your garden for a long time to come.

weatherproof garden bench

Weatherproof Garden Seating

Weatherproof garden seating is not necessarily completely weatherproof but uses materials that can get wet without any lasting damage.

This includes garden furniture suites made of wicker weave that can be left outside all year round, with only an occasional wipe down to keep them clean.

For extra comfort, these garden seating suites typically come with waterproof garden cushions. You should store these away somewhere safe if severe weather is expected, but it’s fine if they get caught out in a light shower now and then.

For those seeking a hassle-free solution to store their showerproof cushions, consider investing in an outdoor cushion box.

These boxes come equipped with weatherproof liners, ensuring your cushions remain secure and dry, regardless of the elements.


Light cover for garden furniture

A parasol provides simple cover for your garden furniture, outdoor table and chairs or patio bistro set, protecting you against strong sunlight in summer and light rain throughout the year.

Contemporary patio parasols include side-arm and cantilever designs, so the supporting pole of the parasol can be positioned to the side of your garden furniture, rather than through a hole in the middle.

That makes modern patio parasols much more versatile, transforming your outdoor space into a comfortable haven regardless of the weather.

These innovative designs allow you to effortlessly create a cosy retreat by providing quick shelter for various outdoor elements such as chairs, benches, and tables. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely brunch, reading a book, or hosting a social gathering, these parasols offer a flexible solution that caters to your needs.


Weatherproof garden furniture
Patio Heater

Keep warm under cover

A patio heater is the perfect way to keep warm, producing heat that stays trapped beneath the canopy so you can stay outside when the weather is cooler.

That doesn’t just mean rainy days – a parasol heater allows you to enjoy your patio bistro set after dark in summer too, when temperatures start to drop once the sun goes down. This innovative device radiates warmth, creating a cosy ambiance that extends your outdoor relaxation.

With a little careful planning, there’s no reason why you can’t sit out at any time of year. Imagine sipping your favourite hot beverage on a crisp autumn morning while nestled in the comfort of your garden oasis.

As winter approaches, you can transform your patio into a winter wonderland escape, complete with snug blankets and twinkling fairy lights, all while the parasol heater keeps you comfortably snug.