Time to Spring Clean the Garden

Spring is definitely in the air, but what signifies the start of this fantastic season? Daffodils, crocuses, cherry blossom…lots of things come to mind, but one of...


Spring is definitely in the air, but what signifies the start of this fantastic season? Daffodils, crocuses, cherry blossom…lots of things come to mind, but one of our favourites is the milder weather.  It might not always be the case, and we’ve definitely had our fair share of wet and wild conditions, but on the whole spring means warmer temperatures and warmer temperatures mean being able to get outdoors again.

Review & renew

As the weather warms up its worth thinking about what needs to be done in the garden and have a bit of a spring clean in preparation for the growing season.  The shed (or maybe it’s your garage) is always a good place to start.  Have a look at what you’ve got and throw out any fertilizers or feeds that are out of date.  Review what you’re left with and stock up on anything that you think might be useful for the coming season.  Our Garden Care team is on hand to offer help and advice as to the best products available and Resolva Weed Killer with its 24 hour results would be one of our top recommendations for the season ahead.

Restore & repair

Next have a look at your tools.  Making sure tools are clean will help keep your garden healthy as you work with them during the coming seasons.  Also check for signs of rust and oil any tools that have moving parts…putting a little bit of effort in now will help make life easier when it’s time to use them.

Mend broken fence panels and clear any fallen branches and debris, but if the soil is still wet try to avoid walking on it and compacting it too much…it’s worth waiting until it’s a bit drier.

Treat yourself

If your existing set of tools have seen better days then why not treat yourself to some new gardening gadgets from our Garden Care Department.  A set of top quality tools can transform your experience of everyday gardening tasks and the selection from Kent & Stowe - designed in the UK and made from the finest materials - is one of our favourites.

The ‘Garden Life’ range is 40% lighter than their regular tools so perfect to add power to your grip.  Start off a new set with a spade and fork for digging over and planting, or add to an existing collection with pruners and secateurs.

Look after the Lawn

Spring is also the perfect time to pamper your lawn and prepare it for summer.  Pop in store and arm yourself with everything you need to feed and weed your grass to maximise its strength and vigour.  Time saving gadgets such as the EverGreen Handy Spreader will help to make lawn care easier than ever.

Talk to our experts who will be able to advise on the best tools and products to help you keep on top of weeds and edges, such as a half moon edging tool which will keep your lawn in shape and sharp grass shears which are useful for tidying the edges.  Or products such as Miracle Gro Patch Magic, Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 and Westland Safe Lawn which will help give your lawn the perfect boost.  And before you start, have a quick tidy up and remove any debris such as sticks, leaves and rubbish which may have gathered over the winter months.

Spring cleaning might not feel like the most rewarding of tasks but good preparation will always make for a great garden.  And if you arm yourself with the latest kit then those essential gardening tasks will be quicker and easier than ever.

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