Stylish Garden Ornaments to Level Up Your Garden


With over 500 Bents garden ornaments to choose from, we have everything you need to level up your garden at your local garden centre on Warrington Road.

Whether you want minimalist and modern garden ornaments, or you have a young family and want some fun or traditional garden figurines, you’ll find it at Bents.

Here are just some of the Bents garden ornaments we have in stock for this spring-summer season, along with exclusive outdoor furniture and garden accessories from big brands like Bramblecrest, Hartman, Norfolk Leisure LIFE and Supremo.

Fun and Funky

Fun garden ornaments can make your outdoor space a happy place for guests of all ages, and inspire the imagination of your own young family.

Metal wall hangers in the shapes of brightly coloured birds and butterflies are an excellent choice for smaller gardens, where they can hang flush against a wall or fence.

These equally work well in larger gardens to add some extra focal points, and their brightly painted metal will complement the colourful garden parasols in our range of exclusive Hartman garden furniture and accessories.

Take a Tea Break

Tell the time while pottering about with our selection of classic stoneware sundials. Just align them with north and the sun’s shadow will show you the time as it moves across the sky each day.

Not only do are sundials great garden ornaments, they also give you the perfect excuse to take a tea break!

Why not place your sundial alongside some rattan garden furniture so you and your guests have a comfy spot to share a pot of tea? See more rattan-style seating in our exclusive Supremo rattan furniture range.

All About Eggs

Eggs are not just for Easter – they’re a symbol of new life that you can enjoy all year round in your outdoor space.

A bird bath will bring in even more flighted friends, especially if you hang some feeders nearby and maybe a bird house or two in safe sheltered spots.

Some well-placed bird garden ornaments and little bird statues will give an injection of life when the real thing isn’t visiting your feeders and bird bath.

Keep the theme going with hanging egg chairs, an on-trend addition to our exclusive Bramblecrest outdoor furniture range.

Time for Timber

We’re seeing a surge in natural products in garden ornaments, accessories and outdoor furniture alike, and you might be surprised by our selection of timber-effect garden statues.

Log-effect bird baths, realistic log stepping stones and our charismatic Border Stoneware ‘Tree Trunk Man’ pot can all bring the aesthetic of timber into your garden.

And if you want to go all-in on timber this season, our exclusive Norfolk Leisure LIFE timber furniture rangeis your first port of call.

So Much More

There are literally hundreds of garden ornaments, figurines, statues and accessories to choose from on the Bents website and in-store ready to collect from your local garden centre on Warrington Road.

After the events of recent years, a lot of gardens deserve some care and attention – and they’re still the best place to get some fresh air, comfort and privacy without leaving your own property.