The Stuart Bateman Rose

NEW & exclusive to Bents...


NEW & exclusive to Bents...

Bents it is proud to be a family owned and run business assisted by a fantastic team of colleagues, one of whom was with us for 50 years, starting his working life on our rose fields. To mark his retirement in 2017 we needed to do something very special . . . and so The Stuart Bateman Rose was born.

In late 2017 we started to cultivate a very special rose, one to commemorate the retirement of our most long standing colleagues, Stuart Bateman. Stuart joined Bents in 1967 and was part of our family for 50 years, working alongside our Chairman Ron Bent in the rose fields before becoming our Nursery Team Leader. He experienced the huge expansion of both the Centre and our on-site nursery, where over 60% of our plants are now grown and nurtured prior to sale and his commitment and passion for plants helped us to strengthen our growing operation.

Stuart’s dedication throughout his 50 with our family business never wavered and as his retirement approached we wanted to mark his departure with something a little bit extra special. To commemorate this remarkable career we have been working on cultivating a beautiful new, limited edition rose, exclusively for customers of Bents. And as a staunch Manchester United fan the only colour it could be was red. We are delighted to announce that the Stuart Bateman rose, with its fragrant rosy red blooms is now available on our plant area and online.

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