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As we find ourselves in the run-up to Christmas, it’s the time of year to add to your Lemax model village collection with some new houses or a brand new centre...


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As we find ourselves in the run-up to Christmas, it's the time of year to add to your Lemax model village collection with some new houses or a brand new centrepiece.

Lemax Christmas village houses and accessories build up to create vibrant and lifelike scenes, ideal for a shelf, mantelpiece or as part of your table decorations for Christmas dinner.

Each year, our most popular model houses sell out fast, so get in early to avoid missing out - you could add a few more to your collection each week to build up an even bigger and better village scene in time for Christmas.

Here's a peek at some of the shining stars in the Lemax Christmas model village line-up, which are now available at Bents.

New model villages for Christmas 2020

We have over 50 new model village houses and accessories for Christmas 2020, including some stunning centrepieces.

The Candy Cane Works is a seasonal sweet shop, St. Nick's Elf Academy is a school for Santa's little helpers, and Chestnut Cabin is a snowy lodge complete with smoking chimney effect.

Dasher's Advent Stable is one to buy before December 1st, as it features doors and windows that open each day in the run-up to the big day, with a festive illustration behind each one.

Or if you want to create a Christmas carnival, choose a selection of traditional rides including the Lemax Circus Funhouse, Lost Rafters or Spinning Snowflake.

Bring it to life with Christmas village accessories

You can also add some extra realism to your Lemax Christmas model village with some fantastic accessories including figures, animals, trees and street lamps.

And because this is a Lemax model village, the street lamps really do light up - either by battery power or using a Lemax AC power adaptor (just check the product information on any set of street lamps for full details).

Finally, add the Lemax Large Pebble Display Mat, a cobble-effect mat that protects your surfaces and gives you 92 x 46 cm on which to build your Christmas village.

Give it a quick dusting of artificial snow before you start and leave the original pebble colour showing through in places for added realism.

All-in-one model Christmas scenes

We also have a great selection of all-in-one scenes to choose from at a wide variety of prices.

Choose a Lemax ice skating scene featuring family, North Pole characters or traditional winter dress from bygone eras.

Or opt for A Victorian Christmas, an animated scene with sights and sounds of a performance of the play 'A Christmas Carol' - a stunning talking point for your sideboard.

Lemax model villages give you every option:

  • Single centrepieces of all sizes and prices
  • Christmas model houses to build your village
  • Sights, sounds, lights and smoke effects
  • Animated Christmas revellers
  • Accessories to complete the realism

Place your order with Bents today and make sure your Lemax Christmas village contains everything you want, before the bestselling lines start to sell out of stock in the coming weeks.


Shop the full range of Lemax Christmas Villages at Bents today.

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