Putting the ‘Bee’ in Bents

Putting the Bee in Bents

In 2013 Bents began work on a very important project and one that will continue as long as nature wants it to. Located next to the Garden Centre are our extensive environmental gardens, which have been designed to attract a huge variety of wildlife, insects and bees, all of which are a crucial part of our eco-system, helping to pollinate our trees and flowers which in turn supports the wider food chain.

Decline of natural habitats

Sadly, the loss of such natural habitats is having a direct impact on our wildlife, in particular the bee population, which is a suffering a severe decline. Without these tiny creatures our own lives could be in trouble, which is why we took the steps to create our environmental gardens back in 2013 and why we believe we can all take small steps to encourage wildlife back into our gardens.

Create your own

Creating a haven for wildlife doesn’t mean compromising the look for your garden, just a few small changes can bring big benefits. Bird boxes, hedgehog homes and bug hotels are just a few ways you can introduce shelter and breeding sites for smaller animals. And by introducing certain varieties of plants you can encourage pollinating insects who will then be able to work their magic in the wider eco-system. Here are just a few of our favourites:

An easy to grow shrub which looks great in any garden. This popular and beautifully scented plant can be grown in borders or containers and are always a hit with bees and butterflies.

This hardy plant is a firm favourite with butterflies and pollinating insects thanks to the masses of tiny flowers that appear late in the growing season.

As an annual, the Cosmos is great addition to the garden and can be grown in containers or the border. Their pretty flowers will always attract the wildlife

One of our favourite flowers, thanks to our history as rose growers. Such a versatile plant with so many colours and varieties, off of which are loved by pollinating insects

Single-flowered dahlias are a great choice to attract bees into the garden. Like the rose there’s a beautiful choice of colours and will display from summer trough to autumn

These are just a few of our favourites, but there are so many plants that will attract wildlife into the garden. Just ask at our Garden Care Information Desk in Open Skies where our team of experts will be able to advise on other choices.

Remember… if we all take small steps together we can achieve a bigger goal.