New year, new you: tips to achieve healthy habits in 2023


New year, new you: tips to achieve healthy habits in 2023

The New Year is always a time for reflection and good intentions, with many of us looking ahead to 12 months of healthy eating, exercise and fresh air.

It’s not always easy to stick to lifestyle changes, but if you can get through the winter, it’s often easier to keep going into spring and summer, when you can get outdoors more and get some exercise in your garden.

With that in mind, here’s our top tips to achieve healthy habits in 2023, including some ways to make sure those habits are sustainable all year round.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating requires a balanced and varied diet. Fortunately, our Foodhall has plenty of groceries, fruit and vegetables to choose from everything you need to whip up some tasty yet healthy meals.

Visit us in-store, or make the weekly shop that bit easier by shopping the Groceries we have online.

Nutritional supplements

There’s nothing wrong with using nutritional supplements to give yourself an extra boost, on top of a healthy diet (just remember they’re supplements, not substitutes!).

In our Health & Wellness department you’ll find a range of supplements including Omega-3 compounds for healthier joints, plus blends designed to enhance energy levels and focus the mind.

Produced by Revive Active, they’re just one example of the best-in-breed brands you’ll find in store at Bents Garden Centre, as part of our commitment to bring you the very best products on the market.

Get out and garden

Exercise is the perfect companion for healthy eating, as the two together will help you to stay in shape and keep fit – and even in the winter months, there’s plenty to do in the garden.

If you’re at a loss for where to start, read our Top Tips to Keep Gardening Through Winter for some inspiration, which should also have your pots, planters, lawn and shrubberies looking great in time for spring.

Keep a close eye on the weather – it’s hard to know exactly when the last frost of winter is out of the way, but if you judge it right you can get a headstart on sprucing up your garden even before spring arrives.

Don’t stress!

Winter can be hard enough without putting extra stress on yourself, so make sure your New Year’s Resolutions are positive ones.

Healthy eating and exercise should feel good, although it can take a few weeks to really notice the difference.

Stick with it though, as a bit of physical activity and fresh air in the garden can be a great way to banish the January blues, as well as helping you to notice as the evenings gradually get longer and lighter in the run-up to spring and summer.