How to build a barbecue area in the garden

If you’re researching how to build a barbecue area in the garden, Weber BBQ World at Bents Garden Centre near Leigh is your first port of call for all kinds of...


If you're researching how to build a barbecue area in the garden, Weber BBQ World at Bents Garden Centre near Leigh is your first port of call for all kinds of inspiration.

Weber founder George A Stephen Sr is credited with inventing the kettle barbecue when he used two halves of a round metal buoy - one to hold the charcoal and one to act as a lid.

The spherical lid on a Weber kettle BBQ protects against rain and other weather conditions, and retains heat for faster and more consistent cooking, making it a best of both worlds solution.

So if you're planning to build a BBQ area in the garden, learn from the original and best with a visit to Bents and Weber BBQ World.

How to assemble a Weber barbecue

We have full Weber barbecue assembly instructions to download from the Bents’ website - just look for Assembly Guides at the bottom of our Weber World Store page, where you'll also find User Guides with maintenance and barbecue cleaning tips.

If Bents is your nearest garden centre, we may also be able to assemble your Weber BBQ for you on delivery. This service is only available to local customers, so contact us if you want to check before placing your order.

Another option is to download and install the BILT Intelligent Instructions app on your smartphone or tablet, and you can see 3D animated and interactive step-by-step assembly instructions for Weber BBQs.

How to weatherproof a barbecue

We all love a summer barbecue, but when the weather closes in or at other times of year, there's no reason to let the elements kill the grill.

George A Stephen Sr created the Weber kettle barbecue in part so that he could grill in less than perfect conditions, and the domed lid offers some natural protection against rain.

If you want to weatherproof your barbecue even more, consider putting it under cover. A canopy or simple roof can keep the rain off, just make sure you keep the sides open or add a chimney for any barbecue smoke to escape.

Accessories like the Weber Chimney Starter can get your grill cooking faster on cold days, by rapidly heating the coals in a specially designed chimney container, before you transfer them into the barbecue itself.

Somewhere to sit

It's a good idea to create a barbecue seating area with its own cover - an all-weather parasol will protect you against both sun and rain while you're eating.

Patio bistro sets combine outdoor tables with garden seating in a single matching set, so everyone can pull up a chair and have a handy place to put down their plate.

Finally, add a patio or parasol heater and you're all set to barbecue on those colder  days, or stay outside after dark when temperatures can drop even in summer.

If you want more ideas to build a BBQ area for your Weber kettle barbecue, or any charcoal or gas barbecue, head to Bents Garden Centre and ask one of our Outdoor Living colleagues in our Weber World Store.

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