How House Plants Help Clean the Air we Breathe


We are long term advocates of the benefits house plants bring and now their air purifying capabilities have been acknowledged by the very best brains out there.

Trials have been carried out by Nasa scientists into the ‘pollution-absorbing power of indoor greenery, with the aim of bringing plants into the International Space Station so that astronauts could breath clean air’.

From the Space Station to the Home

It’s not just astronauts that have an issue with pollutants. Indoor air pollution is a growing concern with damage being done to our internal environment by toxins released from every day products such as paint, cleaning chemicals, fly spray, deodorant and air fresheners; all of which affect our indoor air quality.

People are spending more time indoors due to work commitments and city centre living, and are surrounded by stagnant, polluted air, responsible for triggering a wide range of conditions including headaches, skin allergies, fatigue and ear, nose and throat irritations.

Easy to care for options

For many, caring for houseplants might seem a bit daunting, so why not consider one of the following easy-to-care for options to add a touch of greenery to your space and help improve the air quality of your indoor environment.

This is where houseplants can help.  Continuously working, they help filter out pollutants and release oxygen and moisture into the atmosphere, adding to the overall health benefits offered by mother-nature, helping to reduce stress and improve mental and physical health.

Snake Plant is an attractive, trendy and modern houseplant which is very easy to grow.  It can survive in any levels of light and only requires watering about once every week.

ZZ Plant is an ideal choice for the complete plant novice.  Tough and tolerant, this attractive plant can hold water in its stems for weeks so requires very little watering.

Anthurium is pretty and easy to care for.  It is a plant that will brighten up any room with its colourful blooms which can last all year round if given enough light.

Peace Lily is another pretty addition for any home.  Keep in medium to bright light and make sure the soil is evenly moist to enjoy beautiful blooms which work hard to purify the air.

Cacti & Succulents are amongst the easiest of plants to care for; a perfect choice for anyone with a busy work and social life.  Give them lots of light and a little water and they will work away to keep the air clean & fresh.

The benefits house plants bring are extensive, especially when grouped together, with three or more plants in each room helping to significantly improve air quality.  Whether you want to freshen up your environment or just want to enjoy the beauty of an exotic bloom, indoor plants are the perfect way to liven up your living space.

We have an extensive range of quality plants to help seamlessly link your outdoor and indoor living spaces, as well as expert advice on how to care for the plants in your life.  Just ask any of our house plant colleagues for further advice and recommendations for how to enhance your indoor environment.