Calliope Geraniums

Looking for a superstar plant this summer? Look no further...


Looking for a superstar plant this summer? Calliope Geraniums are just what you need for brighter, bolder post, beds and hanging baskets.

When the sun is out, you want pots and containers that burst with colour and Calliope Geraniums are a gardener's summer saviour! Easy to care for and not too thirsty, Calliope Geraniums retain their intense colours - even when grown in direct sun. They also blend easily intoany garden style: team with terracotta for a classic Meditteranean look; go contemporary in a modern of monochrome pot; or plant out in a bed or border for a sofe cottage-garden effect.

Calliope Geraniums give:

Superior performance Larger, fuller flowers compared to traditional geraniums Excellent weather tolerance Non-fading, vibrant flowers

Remember to...

Use quality container compost when planting Calliope Geraniums in pots and hanging baskets. Miracle Gro Moisture Control compost contains six months' feed and retains water well.

Add a slow-release fertiliser, like Miracle Gro All Purpose Continuous Release Plant Food for bigger, bolder flowers.

Water well when planting, and during very hot spells.

Remove dead and fading flowers to encourage fresh, new blooms.

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