Bents top tips for a sustainable Christmas

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With the Christmas season fast upon us, it’s important to consider how we can be that little bit more sustainable. Christmas is a time of year when we tend to overindulge, and we consume a lot, from decorations and wrapping to gifts and food. But with a few simple adjustments, we can do our bit to make our festivities more eco-friendly.

Read on to discover how to make your Christmas more sustainable this year.


Switch to an artificial Christmas tree

Buying an artificial Christmas tree is a great way to be more sustainable during the holiday season. A good, durable artificial trees can be used year after year and won’t require any water or maintenance, so you can save time and money, all whilst making a conscious effort to be a little greener.

Gift an experience

Gifting experiences is another fantastic way to be more sustainable this festive season. Experiences such as afternoon tea or a dinner show help to reduce the need for physical gifts, eliminating the need for packaging and other materials that can end up in landfills. Experiences also provide lasting memories, which can be more meaningful than physical gifts.

Be mindful of materials

When it comes to gift wrapping try to opt for more sustainable materials, such as cloth wraps, reusable gift sacks or recycled wrapping paper. Sustainable wrapping helps to reduce the amount of waste in our landfills and the burden on our natural resources, as it does not require the use of energy intensive production processes.

Make your own decorations

Why not try making your own decorations this year? From making your own wreath or garland to DIYing baubles, there’s plenty to choose from. Cut gingerbread house shapes out of cardboard and decorate with a white paint pen for an easy craft you can display on your mantlepiece or dry your own citrus slices for some festive bunting. You can make DIY decorations that will last for years to come, whilst reducing your consumption.

Pick out eco-friendly gifts

Try to make a conscious effort to buy gifts that are a little friendlier to the earth this year. Bamboo travel cups, beeswax wraps, canvas bags and water bottles all make great sustainable gifts. Have an eco-conscious friend and you’re not sure what to get them, why not go for our eco-friendly Christmas hamper?

Choose sustainable table settings

When it comes to table setting, using natural decorations, such as pinecones, foliage and cinnamon sticks, will help to add a festive touch to the table while minimizing your environmental impact. Avoid single-use tablecloths or napkins. Instead, use fabric ones instead, as these have a longer lifecycle than their paper counterparts. You could also consider offering reusable straws rather than plastic and choosing recycled crackers this year.

Use local produce for your Christmas Dinner

Make your shopping basket more sustainable this festive season, by buying locally produced, seasonal products for your Christmas dinner. By buying local produce that’s in season, it reduces the energy spent growing foods out of season and shipping food from abroad.

Use LED lights

If you’re after putting some Christmas lights up, make sure you use LED! LED lights are a greener option, as they use less energy, light up for longer and look just as impressive. At Bents we have a huge range of LED Christmas lights to choose from, including outdoor LED lights to brighten up the garden and string lights that are perfect for your tree.

Shop the full Christmas range at Bents today and make your festive season that little bit more sustainable.