Bents Green Credentials


Recycling, Reducing & Reusing

We recycle our plastics, glass, paper and cardboard and encourage our customers to do the same, with fully recyclable bags, biodegradable boot liners and customer recycling facilities on site. We shred cardboard and reuse plastics to pack all our online orders and deliveries.

All non-black plastic plant pots and trays can be recycled and customers are encouraged to do this by using their own council pavement collections or by returning them to our recycling station. We also can recycle black plastic pots from customers by sending them back to our supplier. Customers can drop off old batteries in the store for recycling.

We recycle and compost all the green waste from our growing nursery which is used for soil improvement, mulching or as planting material. We actively encourage our customers to do the same through the promotion of our compost bins. We are part of the recycle your electricals campaign. Customers can drop off old electrical items for recycling in-store.

Water Efficiency

To help maintain sustainability for future generations we operate a highly efficient and self-reliant water recycling programme: Our 3.5 million gallon reservoir has been helping reduce our impact on the environment since we built it in 1976. All rain and runoff water from throughout the centre and car parks is collected in the reservoir. Water in the reservoir is filtered and re-used for watering the plants in our growing nurseries and plant area.

Healthy Living

Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be achieved in many ways. We encourage our customers to discover what’s right for them and help them reap the rewards: Research shows that gardening provides a great form of all-round exercise, which utilises all major muscle groups. We encourage our customers to spend time in the garden which helps reduce stress levels. Our Garden Explorers growing scheme encourages children to look beyond computers and the TV and learn more about gardening and their surroundings.

Social Responsibility

We always look for opportunities to support our local community and work with them to maintain a strong and healthy society: Wherever possible we support schools and local initiatives, particularly those which involve outdoor activities. Every year a different charity is chosen to be the ‘Bents Charity of the Year’ and we raise funds through various activities.

We actively support many good causes throughout the year and take part in national initiatives such as the Macmillan Coffee Morning and Comic Relief. Bents’ Community Allotments provide gardeners with a blank canvas to indulge in their love of gardening; somewhere to design, plan, grow and harvest seasonal ingredients straight from the soil.

Bents’ Community Allotments provide gardeners with a blank canvas to indulge in their love of gardening; somewhere to design, plan, grow and harvest seasonal ingredients straight from the soil. With 40 plots in total, the allotments are a great addition to the local community and local residents enjoy seeing and being involved in their development.

Trading Fairly & Responsibly

We believe in trading fairly and responsibly with all of our suppliers from local sources to those further in the field: Where possible we buy from local suppliers and are looking at ways of
increasing relationships to improve the quality of our supply chain throughout the centre. Through events such as our Ladies Evenings and Meet the Makers we invite and support local companies to attend and showcase their products here at Bents.

Protecting our Environment

Changes in the way we live and modern lifestyles can have an effect on natural habitats. We are committed to seeking out initiatives which will help redress the balance. We are sourcing more eco-friendly, vegan and organic products. We have already planted over 5 acres of land with indigenous local trees which are providing food and habitat for wildlife and as part of our 10-year vision to help improve the land surrounding the centre, we have also planted over 1000 saplings. We are replacing our lightbulbs with low-energy LEDs. With much of our indigenous wildlife under threat, we actively promote ways in which our customers can provide habitats to encourage wildlife back into their gardens.