5 ways to enjoy your garden in winter

The colder months don’t mean you have to miss out on enjoying your outdoor space, as there are plenty of ways to enjoy your garden in winter. Whether you opt f...


The colder months don't mean you have to miss out on enjoying your outdoor space, as there are plenty of ways to enjoy your garden in winter.

Whether you opt for evergreen planting to keep your garden looking verdant until the spring, or you like to cater for the local wildlife, it doesn't have to look grim and grey during the early weeks of the year.

Here are five ways to enjoy your garden in winter, so you can give yourself an enjoyable outdoor lifestyle all year round.

1. Evergreen shrubs and trees

Evergreen shrubs are one of the easiest ways to keep your garden looking great all year round.

They're often very hardy, as they're used to being exposed to the elements during the harshest part of the year.

Evergreen shrubs and ornamental evergreen trees both make suitable choices for pots and planters too, so you can reconfigure your garden layout for the winter months to make the most of their greenery while deciduous plants are bare.

2. Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can allow you to enjoy your garden during the darker winter evenings.

Using outdoor battery lights is a versatile option as you can place them anywhere, and their battery packs are designed to be outside.

If installing mains powered garden lights, make sure you buy a set designed for outdoor use, and follow the instructions to ensure the power supply is weather-proof.

3. Garden water features

Garden water features are another great way to bring some life and movement into a winter garden.

Because garden fountains are continually moving, they can be more resistant to freezing over in cold conditions.

If you have an ornamental fish pond, garden fountains can also help to prevent the surface of the pond from freezing, which is crucial to allow your fish to breathe.

4. Weather-proof garden furniture

Weather-proof garden furniture gives you somewhere to sit on a crisp and clear winter's day when you just need some fresh air.

You could opt for a stone garden bench if you want something that can stay in situ; alternatively, garden furniture often comes with weather-proof cushions if you prefer a softer seat.

In extreme weather you'll still need to pack the cushions away, but they're more resistant to rain showers and can easily stow in a garden storage box or just inside the garden shed.

5. Birdfeeders

As one of the easiest additions to any garden, birdfeeders are a hugely rewarding way to liven up your outdoor space.

Try a few different foods - during winter, fat balls and suet pellets give birds the extra energy they need to keep warm, while many seed mixes are designed to attract robins.

You might also want to add a Niger seed feeder. These are popular with goldfinches, one of the most distinctive garden birds with their red face and flashes of yellow on the wing.

Goldfinches will travel quite far from the nest to find their favourite foods and although some flocks migrate to mainland Europe for the winter, many others stay in the UK so you may spot them feeding in your garden at any time of year.

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