Winter-proof your garden with evergreen plants

Evergreen plants are the perfect way to make sure there’s foliage in your garden throughout the winter months – and many of them are traditionally associ...


Evergreen plants are the perfect way to make sure there's foliage in your garden throughout the winter months - and many of them are traditionally associated with winter celebrations such as Christmas, too.

Some are obvious - holly gets its red berries at this time of year, although you'll need both a male and a female holly bush for this to happen.

Evergreen Azaleas are another great option, and you can plant these in autumn and winter if you add bonemeal into your compost during planting.

Here are some other ways to winter-proof your garden with smart choices about what to plant and where to plant it.

Rise above it

Stay clear of ground frost by putting up hanging baskets and hanging fence planters filled with seasonal plants or an arrangement of holly sprigs and trailing ivy.

They're not completely immune to the cold of course, but they have an advantage when it comes to keeping well above any snowfall and frost that forms at ground level.

You can replant them once the warmer weather starts to arrive, so they give you an ever-changing aesthetic all year round with spring, summer and autumn blooms throughout the new year.

On the ground

If you want low-level planting closer to the ground, a Saxon welcome planter is a nice touch, especially if you're expecting guests at any point over the Christmas season.

This 7.5 litre planter has plenty of room for some seasonal plants and evergreen foliage, and stands at a total height of around 90cm.

Its elevated planter is practically a hanging basket, so again nothing is in direct contact with the frosty ground, and there's a welcome sign hanging from the very top of the frame to help make sure your guests feel at home from the moment they arrive.

Light it up

Outdoor lighting can make a big difference to your enjoyment of your garden during the winter, especially around Christmas and New Year when it gets dark at 4pm.

If you want to go fully festive, LED outdoor Christmas lights are an option, and these can be run along the edge of the shed, garage roof or trellis, or alternatively you can weave them in amongst the foliage of your evergreens.

Outdoor battery lights are a handy choice too, as these can be put anywhere in your garden without the need for a mains connection.

Many also feature a timer so that once you switch them on, they will turn off after a few hours and turn back on in 24 hours' time, so you can leave them in place for daily illumination at the same time.

Heat it up

Finally, don't forget to find a way to keep warm if you want to sit outside for any length of time during the autumn and especially the winter months.

We have some stylish options, such as our square copper hanging electric heater, which can dangle from outdoor pergolas, or a Brava steel banded firepit which makes a great focal point for social gatherings in the garden in winter.

And if all else fails - why not install a hot tub? You'll find brand-name Jacuzzi hot tubs on display at Bents and we can even schedule a wet 'test drive' so you can experience their warming massage jets first-hand!

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