WIN a Julian Christian Garden Building

Worth £7000!


Here’s your chance to win a Julian Christian Garden Building in our brilliant competition, exclusively for be inspired members!*

One lucky winner will win a Julian Christian Building worth £7000. The building includes 6-8 seats, thatched roof, dining table, bench seat set, bench cushion set, canvas panel set, lighting set, halogen heater, 10 year guarantee and free delivery and installation!

For a chance to win, simply fill in an entry slip in store this weekend for your chance to win.

*T&C's: Not a be inspired member? Sign up for free in store or online before entry. Entry is free and no purchase is necessary. Draw ends 28/06/19 and the winner will be drawn and notified by 03.07.19. One entry per household. Details of the winner can be obtained by sending a stamped addressed envelope to Bents Garden & Home, Warrington Road, Glazebury, Warrington, WA3 5NT. Prize may not be exchanged for cash. By entering the draw, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to these conditions.


I love Bents, such quality and the customer care is of the highest. The staff are warm and welcoming. Well done Bents.

These are so beautiful, I would love to have one in my garden. So here’s hoping

This would be a fantastic prize to win, my husband and I are carers for our 17 old son Adam who has autism. This would be fantastic for the whole family.

Great store , I can spend a day here being inspired for my home and garden and menu planning .

Perfect to sit and relax in and watch our garden throughout all the seasons with my family.

Dreaming of Christmas in the topics

Well it would feel more like it if I won!

This would be perfect for family entertaing on the summer nights as I love to host! What a fab competition prize!

I would love to win this prize, this is an item I have adored since first seeing at your site and would dream of having this in my home but since myself and my husband have just adopted our first child together the funds are a little stretched for now.

I would absolutely love this for our garden. The family parties would be amazing! 😄☘️🥂🙏🙏🙏

I have a black canvas garden and this would be the most inspiring starting point, there is a perfect corner spot waiting to be filled.

Hi, we would love to win this garden building, it would look perfect to finish our garden off.

Thank you
Lorna Addison

I think bents is amazing our kids have additional needs and Christmas is fab they love it we visit as regularly as we can Alex who 10 has sensory issue and anxiety and dispraxia and Adam is 12 in a wheel chair and learning disability but both love the trains and villages Santa’s lights the Christmas tree I wish we had the money to get more things and the staff are fab there would love one of them then I could put lights on they would love it !!! 01744389424

I would love to win this for my lovely, caring husband and father! xx

This building would be our dream and would be fab to dine outside whatever the weather 😊

I saw this at a recent visit to my local Bents and fell in love straight away 😍 something I can only dream of, perfect for sitting with my family chatting and enjoying each other’s company xx

Please pick me to win – my parents come every week without fail to Bents, love their garden and would absolutely love this and it would be a brilliant way to reward them for their hard work raising their children and supporting their grandchildren now!

Would be great to get outside when it’s cold but still enjoy the outside

Best Garden centre ever, love this place! Something for all seasons and Christmas is extra special!!!

What a fabulous gift 😃😃 for a fabulous father who
Deserves this for his retirement 😃

Absolutely brilliant garden center. I have to say I love spending time here and love the service you receive, it stands out high above the rest!! I Would love to win this for my garden which I am also in love with, thanks again Bents for all the great service EVERY time I visit. See you again soon!

Please can you enter me into the competition on line as unfortunately I’m unable to get to the store as I’m recovering from a hysterectomy.
Thank you

I love my trips to bents so if I win this I promise to visit even more than I do now (which is a lot!) 🙂

I am in the midst of developing my garden which is 60 x 30 ft, the garden building would be perfect
Set in the garden

Memories of childhood when my dad built a similar garden building, sitting in the garden watching the sun set with my parents.

Having moved into our new bungalow in March this year, we are transforming our garden into a a much loved haven for ourselves and for the nature around us. I especially love spending quality time in my garden as I am a district nurse and need that space away from stress when I get home. Having this garden build could let me and my family enjoy the outdoors that Little bit more.

I love these garden buildings and I think this would finish my garden off nicely. It would be a really good family area and go well with our Jaquzzi that we have also just bought from bents. We come to vents on every day off we have and live the fact it’s a family run business. Fingers crossed we win 🙂

How wonderful they are the Julian Christian buildings, something you would die for.

I am a professional gardener and have had my own company for 17 years. I spend my days in all weathers making other peoples gardens beautiful . I moved into my current forever home 4 years ago and there is an amazing space ideal for a garden structure so I would love to win x

What makes Dad happy?

Spending time in the digger with his Son William.

Love this
We’ve admired these for so long but sadly out of our reach. It would look great in our garden.

What a fabulous prize, something that I would love to have but could never afford

This is such a beautiful garden home, it would remind me of past holidays we used to have, so beautiful. I could spend hrs in this in the garden 🙂

This is a lovely seated hideaway to relax in and, where we can enjoy great evenings throughout the whole year!

I would be so amazingly blessed if I won this competition, if not I will continue to play the lotto!

We are moving hopefully to the culcheth/ glazebury area to be closer to our daughter & grandchildren. This lovely prize would be a welcome addition. We visit every Wednesday with the grandchildren & they make a bee line for them & we have to sit in them.

This would be fantastic in our garden, such a beautiful design. My grandsons would be able to come round and dine outside no matter what the weather.

The Julian Christian garden house would enhance my garden and allow our family to enjoy the outside.

I’d love to win this!! My husband worked really hard to save up to have our garden landscaped last year. To make it easier for us to keep tidy as I can no longer keep on top of it due to ill health. Unfortunately we’ve run out of money to buy any garden furniture, and as a family we love spending time outside! This would be a perfect addition to our garden 🤞🤞😃

This hut would be fabulous in our garden, it would enhance the Easter island stone heads we have bought in Bents, now with plants in.
A great place to entertain our friends and family.

I am local to Bents and the quality of goods and food available is second to none. I recommend Bents to all my family and friends and go every year to see the Christmas tree displays. The knowledge of the staff is superb and they are always available with advise and a friendly smile.

It would be so lovely to win this amazing garden building for my husband . His absolute hobby and past time is spending hours In his beloved garden where many many plants have come from Bents over the last 3 decades . He’s not been in the best of health lately and he is facing surgery in the next 2 to 3 months but his garden always comes 1st. What better way to convalesce and enjoy the flora and fauna of our beautiful garden from this fabulous building and what a fantastic addition it would be to our wonderful garden too.

I would love to win this for our son. He works very hard and since moving into his present family home he has been very busy inside the house and outside too at weekends making the house lovely for the family. This garden building would be perfect for the time when he can manage to relax. They would be out in the fresh air and sheltered from the elements.

What an absolutely fabulous prize – I will keep my fingers crossed I am the lucky one.

I am entering for my 90 year old mother Marjorie Atkinson ” The Julian Christian Garden Building” would make my mother’s English Garden complete. The surprise of pleasure my mother would receive from winning this gift, would be a life time of joy and happiness! that no one could ever convey ………She lives and breaths……her paridise garden. Her secret of survival of life , has been dreams of nature…..with plant’s of beauty!

Please sign me up to ‘be inspired’ and be entered to win a Julian Christian Garden building.
Thank you Owen

What a fabulous addition this would make to my garden, excellent quality as always from Bents, Beautiful, Elegant, Novelties, Timeless, Special and more, all describe the Bents experience.

We would love this for our garden. It would allow us to spend more time together outside, even when it’s raining. Fingers crossed! 🤞😊

This will look fab in our redesigned garden plot so I can watch the veggies grow

I appreciate the availability of coffee grounds free for my garden. However the paper bands supplied just disintegrate while one is shopping or having refreshments. By the time I went to the till the bag fell apart when I tried to remove it from my basket. The staff at the tills were superb. They helped me and they cleaned the mess up without complaint or making me feel in anyway at fault. Perhaps biodegradable bags , the kind used for food waste would work better than paper bags

Would just love this for the corner of my garden it would look amazing with lots of twinkling lights. Just need the warm weather now to enjoy it !

I would love to win one of these for my husband. I love the sun and tan easily but my husband is fair and burns so hates being in the sun. He sits in the house alone while I enjoy the garden. With one of these my husband can join me in the garden. That’s if we ever get any sunshine

I am entering for my 90 year old mother Marjorie Atkinson.”The Julian Christian Garden Building” would be the most perfect surprise! gift for my mum. Words could not express how much she deserves a gift like this, she alway’s put’s other people way before herself. Her life’s motivation as been her paradise Garden, the love of plants and nature is her dream land and world. Her life of servival as been her tranquil English Garden. I have a golden treasure of a mother!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Father’s Day than gathering all my family in a Julian Christian garden building.

Bents is the best garden centre around. We live 20 miles away and think it’s well worth visiting at least once a month. It’s so good, can’t think of anyway to improve it.

Would love the win the building as my husband suffers from dementia and he enjoys sitting in the shade of the garden

This would be such a tranquil / relaxing place for me and my Husband – and our five children. We have decided that the Children’s Trampoline is ready to go due to wear and tear ( after about five years 😂) This would fit perfectly in that space , it would be the most perfect Father’s Day present as my Husband works so hard as a HGV driver and I feel so guilty that I’m a Housewife and feel that I cannot give anything towards the household xxxxx My Husband is a Garden Man , hence me becoming a member , however, we just haven’t had the chance to visit the store yet due to other commitments xxxxx

Hi have looked at these Julian Christian buildings and would love to have one, we think they are well built and good quality.
We love bents and visit a lot, you have lovely items and wide range of goods, and great quality items.

Would be a dream come true to have one of these is my garden what a fabulous competition

I would love to win the Julian Christian Garden Building for all my family. To enjoy family bbqs with my children and grandchildren. We love going to Bents Garden Centre and would love to enjoy family times together!

Would love this fab garden building , especially as its my husbands birthday and Father’s Day ! Be a real treat for all the family 💕

Fabulous garden centre. Wonderful staff and ambience and what a fabulous Fathers Day competition,

Always enjoy a day out at Bents ….such a good atmosphere throughout …assistants there if you need them mithering…food all lovely ..especially the ever closely followed by the egg custard!!! Yet to try the tapas but looks time perhaps!! Excellent deli, bakery,vegetables/fruits, butchers, Wine/gin tasting along with cook shop , children’s area including sand pit / play area even dinosaur golf …pets aren’t forgotten either they have a cafe too
Also lots of different clothes ranges and many other things…as l said a good day out !!

Bents Garden Centre is an amazing place…it’s a day out on more than one occasion as there is so much going on there…each time there is something different. Christmas is spectacular they go all out to make it an exciting venture something new each year. They cover each season with such dedication it’s always a joy to either shop or explore in every department. We also love the foodie hall and the restaurants and cafes….it’s a must to have their scones with jam and gorgeous cream, the sandwiches are superb…..we absolutely love our visits every time, never disappointed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

A happy place, a summer evening, friends, wine and the joy of life in an English garden. Sheer bliss!

Visiting Bents for an adult is like being transported to a wonderland filled with everything you could possibly wish for , plants and garden furniture galore, food as well as wine, what more could any sane person wish for?

This would be amazing to win and would take pride of place in our garden. We are getting an extension done to the back of our house and completely redoing our garden..bringing it up to date and revitalising the whole area..making the outside apart of the inside..
This would be great for entertaining family & friends but also for some alone time when needed…
We will be keeping our fingers & toes crossed 🤞

My wife and I absolutely love Bents as not just a place to buy quality fabulous plants and eat wonderful cakes but also to socialise there with friends and family. You have created a lovely ambience and now the next generation ..our Grand kids always want to pop in when there with us, from grand children to grand parents all generations are well catered for. Thank you as a very frequent visitor for almost 20 years now, it truly is a tremendous success story started from humble beginnings.. carry on the great work and the constant innovations and evolvement.

We had an extension built in 2017/18.
We built most of it ourselves to help with the finances.
We then realized that our kitchen was in desperate need of a make over.
So with all this going on people coming and going, work equipment etc our lovely garden area has been left in quite a state but we have been working on it this year and slowly getting there, so this beautiful build by Julian Christian would be a lovely treat for our garden

What a fantastic prize that would be lovely to be spending sunny (hopefully) days and nights in the garden! 🙂

would love to win this I could then dedicate it to my Dad who we lost last year at the age of 83 to Sepsis have roses growing up the side and honeysuckle be perfect

What a wonderful place for my wife and I to have breakfast in our retirement years.

On a recent visit to Bents to view garden furniture I considered the purchase of the Genoa 4 seater after searching other suppliers I could not find anything to match the price or quality so I decided to buy from Bents

My wife has been waiting years for a nice garden.this would make it truly special.

I am no relation to this Garden centre
I love visiting I love all the departments the food hall is great .
I would love to win this prize

About to start the garden project from a blank canvas – this would make a great centre piece

Love the whole Bents “experience “ and this would spruce up our tired garden

I would love this for my dog’s they can go in there when it’s raining or sunshine in such a beautiful piece of garden furniture my dog’s will have more fun in it

We come to Bents usually once a week. We purchase all our plants from Bents as we can be sure they are the best. But on the odd occasion when we have had to bring any back we have received excellent customer service and advice on how to care for and improve our knowledge on all sorts of queries. Oh and while we are there we just have to take a break and relax in the café with the excellent choice of food (either a meal or just a snack). We have spent the last five years working hard on our garden with the help of Bent’s products, advice and guidance and would love to add this structure to our ‘project’ . Keep up the excellent work!

Would love to win this fantastic prize, I look at these every time I visit Bents and think wouldn’t it be lovely to own one

This would be the perfect place to relax and enjoy looking out on our wildflower meadow which is not only wonderfully visually but which is also a haven for wildlife.

Bents is a great place not only for plants. The food is second to none. I would love to win this as I have a special space in my garden.

Proud to support a local family business who are keen to continue to support the local community.

Absolutely love Bents , enjoy a catch up with fiends and a cake and coffee in your fabulous cafe , then some shopping , would love to win it would be amazing 🍾

Would love to win this we have just become grandparents for the first time and love having our family round making forever memories we love being out in the garden and this would make a fabulous feature as well as enjoying chilling out in it I would be thrilled to bits if I won this competition x

This would be fabulous to be able to get in the garden no matter what the weather is doing

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