Where to start with your Christmas Model Village


Where to start with your Christmas Model Village

Christmas is very nearly here and after the past two years, there’s every excuse to start putting up your Christmas decorations and Christmas model village a bit earlier than usual.

At Bents Garden & Home we work all year round to make your festive season the best it can be, and in the summer that really ramps up as we start to plan our in-store Christmas displays and magazine features.

So now autumn is here, the countdown to Christmas really has begun – and there’s no better way to start than by putting together your own Lemax model village.


Start with a centrepiece

If you’re starting from scratch, it’s sensible to start with a centrepiece that will form the focal point of your Lemax Christmas village.

This is especially true if you’re planning to display your Christmas model village on a round table, as the right centrepiece can add height and 360-degree interest.

But even on a sideboard or mantelpiece, a focal point gives you something to build out from.

Choose an LED Christmas village scene complete with moving parts for an animated, illuminated way to get your Christmas model village off to an instant start.


Build your collection

Model Christmas villages are something you can build over time, so add a few more buildings and scenes alongside your centrepiece.

Smaller standalone scenes and individual model houses can extend your display in both directions, or build outwards in a circle for a larger table display.

Be creative – you could set up little suburbs and streets, rather than just placing everything all in a row. Try to imagine how a real-life village would look.

Choose Lemax winter village scenes in different designs, including The Claus Cottage and Merry-Go-Round, to add even more light and motion to your display.


Add the details

For a fully fleshed out Christmas model village, bring in some finishing touches that help to bring it to life.

Lemax accessories range from working streetlamps, to historic and contemporary figures enjoying winter sports, Christmas carolling and other activities.

You can even get barnyard animals and household pets, so there’s no reason to have any element missing from your model village.

If you have young children, let them choose 2-3 of their favourite toy cars to ‘park’ on your village’s streets, with a dusting of icing sugar or fake snow to help them blend in.

The run-up to Christmas

Finally, don’t forget to ramp up the excitement in the run-up to Christmas. A Lemax Christmas Countdown stand is an excellent way to keep track.

This features a ‘days ’til Santa’ or ‘days until Christmas’ banner, with swappable numbers to function as a kind of advent calendar, counting down the days to December 25th.

We all deserve a Christmas to remember and at Bents Garden & Home, we’ve been working hard all year to bring you everything you need to celebrate this holiday season.

You can find more products than ever before on our website, and we look forward to welcoming you all to our Christmas shop between now and December, down at your local garden centre on Warrington Road.

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