Use January to make plans and get organised

Check out our five ideas for January planning


January.  It’s a funny month.  All the planning, preparation and busyness that comes as part of Christmas is over and it can sometimes feel a little bit flat.  Instead of sitting back and letting January pass you by, why not use it to get organised…make plans for the year ahead and put targets in place to look forward to. We’ve put together five ideas for January planning:


  1. Stock the freezer… with healthy, heart-warming meals to see you through the colder months. Different types of food suit different seasons and whilst summer screams salads, winter is most definitely about tasty stews and warming soups. We have lots of great products in our Homewares Event to help you create those tasty (and healthy) meals!


  1. Tidy the garden… and use the cooler months to prepare your garden for the year ahead. Just because it’s a little bit colder doesn’t mean it’s not great to get outdoors.  Pull on your hat and scarf and use this month to cut back overgrown plants, check on and maintain tools, carry out any repairs and make sure it’s all tidy and ready for when the gardening season begins.  And make a date in your diary for our Get Gardening Weekend on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March when there will be a wide range of offers and expertise in abundance.


  1. Make an exercise plan…and get active. It’s all too easy to shut the cold weather out and snuggle into the sofa (which is also nice to indulge in every now again!), but it’s also important to stay active, keep moving and get those endorphins flowing.  It’s sometimes easier to achieve and stick to your resolutions when you’ve set them out in advance so why not make January 2020 the time to plan something new?


  1. Declutter your drawers…and cupboards and even your car. It always feels good to have a sort out, throw out old and broken gadgets and identify areas for improvement or new additions.  If your wine glasses are looking a bit mismatched or you’ve been putting up with an old roasting tin that’s starting to rust why not consider throwing out and starting again.   Our Homewares event is still on and there are some great offers available.


  1. Plan new adventures…to places you love or destinations you’ve never been to before. Get those days booked off work, or crossed off the calendar and make sure you’ve got some adventures to look forward to. Whether by plane, train or automobile there are beautiful places both here in the UK as well as further afield that are waiting to be discovered or revisited for a fresh look.  And for something a little bit extra special, why not visit our Travel Show with First Class Holidays - who will be with us throughout January – and who can craft a tailor made adventure just for you.
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