How to turn your garden into an outdoor spa

A garden doesn’t have to just be for show – with the addition of some recliners and a Jacuzzi tub it can quickly become a fully-fledged outdoor spa. Here...


A garden doesn't have to just be for show - with the addition of some recliners and a Jacuzzi tub it can quickly become a fully-fledged outdoor spa.

Here are five ways to give your garden the spa treatment, making it ready for some relaxation this summer, while giving you some outside space you can enjoy even in the winter.

1. Day beds

Garden day beds give you somewhere to sit or lie down where you can take the weight off your feet, soak up some sun or even get a massage from your partner.

If you want room for two, consider a love seat or a garden recliner duet set that includes two recliners and two footstools too.

Alternatively, garden sofas and double hanging cocoons all create places to recline or to snuggle up to a loved one.

2. Garden Jacuzzi tub

For the ultimate garden spa treatment, install a garden Jacuzzi tub and let the hot water and swirling currents relax your aching muscles.

A Jacuzzi tub is a great year-round option, especially if placed under a permanent or temporary cover, as you can switch it on in winter and enjoy some warmth outside on the coldest of days.

Head down to the Jacuzzi Hot Tub Centre at Bents Garden & Home and find out more - you might be surprised at the range of sizes and styles available for all kinds of gardens.

3. Mindfulness garden

Take some inspiration from other cultures when it comes to kitting out your garden for meditation and mindfulness.

You might want to create your own Japanese zen garden, with an area of gravel that you can rake into different patterns to suit your mood.

Alternatively, statues and water features create focal points and variety alongside the plants and trees in your garden, and this combination can be relaxing too.

4. Sensory planting

When it comes to choosing your planting, decide on sensory planting that you know will suit your personality and help you to balance your mind when you need to.

Sensory planting can range from your choice of colours - all white, or all one favourite colour, or zones of different colours nestling against one another - to the other senses like plants that will rustle in the breeze or feel soft to the touch as they brush against you.

Obviously smell is a factor in planting too, and many flowers will help to make your garden smell sweeter, including options light night-scented stock and night phlox that will release their aroma in the evening, ideal if that's when you want to wind down in your garden spa.

5. The right lighting

Areas of soft lighting can make a garden feel gentle and relaxing, as well as make it easier to enjoy your outdoor space after the sun goes down.

Much outdoor lighting is now solar-powered, so it can be placed wherever you want - no need for an electricity supply - and requires very little maintenance.

Try to include some height, whether you opt for tree lanterns or fencepost downlighters, as light cast from above can feel more natural and the shadows it leaves more soothing.

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