Summer Flowering Bulbs

Now is the perfect time to start planting summer flowering bulbs!


Now’s the time to plant summer flowering bulbs, ready for an explosion of colour this summer. Minimal gardening effort and maximum impact.

Bulbs are a perfect natural package; everything you need is already there, waiting to make an appearance. All a bulb needs is a good start… gardening couldn’t get any simpler!

Classic examples of summer flowering bulbs are the dahlia, begonia, allium, freesia, gladioli and lily. All of these are a colourful addition to any garden or patio, producing eye-catching blooms in a wonderful array of colours, shapes and sizes, from mid-summer through until frosts in late autumn. Alike all bulbs, they are super easy to grow don’t require lots of care.

When to plant summer flowering bulbs?

For best results, the optimum time to plant your summer bulbs is spring, when the soil begins to warm up.

Where to plant summer flowering bulbs?

Many summer-flowering bulbs like to be planted in free-draining soil. You can lighten heavy soil by digging in horticultural grit or by adding materials such as compost. This will help to improve drainage. It is also best to plant in a sunny spot.

Our favourite summer flowering bulbs













How to plant your summer flowering bulbs

Bulbs in outdoor containers require good quality multi-compost and drainage

Indoor containers benefit from bulb fibre (particularly those without drainage holes)

Adding and mixing in some organic material will benefit your bulbs

If drainage is bad, add a thin layer or sharp grit under the bulb

Bulb booster feed, scattered thinly, will also help if the soil is poor

Once flowered don’t remove foliage until it has died off naturally

Once flowers have died away feed with liquid feed for healthy, future growth

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