Start the new year with a barbecue

If you’re already missing the Christmas party season, why not invite some friends around for an early year barbecue? The colder weather doesn’t mean you ...


If you're already missing the Christmas party season, why not invite some friends around for an early year barbecue?

The colder weather doesn't mean you can't still keep warm - and what better way than by standing around some red hot charcoal while grilling a steak or burger?

Here are some top tips for an early year barbecue to make sure you get it lit, keep it lit, and cook your food thoroughly even on a beautiful winter’s day.

1. Getting started

First things first, you need to get your barbecue up to temperature, and on a cold day there are some handy gadgets that can help you to do this with traditional charcoal.

The Weber Chimney Starter is one of these. Simply fill it with charcoal and place it over lighter cubes, and it will quickly bring your briquettes up to the necessary heat.

An easy alternative if you're not bothered about cooking over charcoal is to opt for a gas grill instead, as with this all you need to do is turn on the gas supply and ignite for instant heat.

2. Cooking safely

The temperature of a barbecue can be a little harder to predict on a cold winter's day, especially if there's a cool breeze blowing over the coals.

Luckily with Weber Genesis II and Genesis II LX barbecues, there's the option of using the Weber iGrill 3 thermometer.

This has capacity for four independent probes and includes two pro-meat probes, so you can monitor and measure the temperature of the foods you cook on your grill.

By doing this, you can detect when the interior temperature of the food reaches a certain level - a reliable and scientific way to check when it is cooked.

3. Keeping comfy

Remember to give everyone somewhere to sit. Garden furniture suites can include integrated fire pits.

Even if you don't opt for a garden table with central fire pit, you can still add outdoor seating with weather-proof cushions.

Alternatively, why not treat yourself to some new or extra weather-resistant cushions for outdoor furniture you already have, to make it feel even more luxurious and comfy on a cold day.

4. Staying warm

If the BBQ itself isn't enough to keep you warm, why not add even more to your fire power?

Fire pits and patio heaters can make even the most exposed outdoor area feel cosy in the winter.

They also mean you can stay outside later into the evening, after you've finished cooking or your charcoal has used up its heat.

5. Packing it away

If you prefer a barbecue you can pack away during heavy weather, the Weber Go-Anywhere gas BBQ in black is a convenient and portable choice.

It's compact and gas-powered, which again makes it easy to light on a cold day, and if you do get caught out by the weather, it's resistant to rust with a durable porcelain-enamel coating inside and out.

A ten-year warranty on the bowl, lid and handle, and two-year warranty on other parts including the cooking grate, all adds up to give you peace of mind for future winters and summers too.

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