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Once there’s under 100 sleeps till Christmas, the little ones are bound to start getting excited, and the race is on to get stocked up on all the essential sup...


Once there's under 100 sleeps till Christmas, the little ones are bound to start getting excited, and the race is on to get stocked up on all the essential supplies you'll need for gifts, wrapping, decorating and entertaining.

But for adults it's a question of planning and ensuring everything is in place for when the festive season really gets underway

Here are five ways to stock up for Christmas at Bents starting in late summer and early autumn, so you get everything you need in the run-up to Christmas.

Food and drink

Perishable food will need to be bought close to the holiday season, but there are plenty of things you can buy now and set aside.

At Bents our Food Hall has a huge range of items that you can take home to enjoy later, including preserves, confectionery and other tasty treats that will keep well into the New Year.

If you're entertaining, you can set them aside and serve them up over Christmas, or alternatively you could choose to give them as gifts.

Other gift ideas

You'll find all sorts of great Christmas gift ideas at Bents, thanks to our many departments and retail partners.

Reserve Wines have all kinds of alcoholic beverages in stock, with some really great quality labels sourced from vineyards and other producers you won't see in the supermarkets.

You’ll find some excellent fashion items, kitchen gadgets, craft supplies and more in our many retail departments, so you could tick off gifts for most or even all of the main names on your list in a single visit.

Wrapping up

You don't need to go elsewhere for gift wrapping supplies, as our craft department has that covered too.

If you prefer to use natural materials that can be recycled in the New Year, as well as pretty handmade decorations, ribbons and bows, Bents can cater to all tastes.

Gift wrap can make a big difference to how a present is received, so don't forget to be prepared as part of your seasonal stocking-up.

Outdoor entertaining

Think big by getting some outdoor garden furniture delivered in Warrington and the surrounding area, to give you some outside entertaining space this Christmas.

Many of our hard-wearing outdoor furniture suites are suitable to keep outside all year round, with outdoor storage boxes for cushions to protect against heavy weather.

Choose a table with a central fire pit for a focal point that offers some light and warmth, or a large contemporary garden parasol to keep you sheltered against the glare of the winter sun or any light rain that comes your way.

Spread the cost

Bents Gift Cards make a perfect Christmas present for anyone who's lucky enough to have Bents as their local garden centre or who visits it with you throughout the year.

They also can be used to set some spending money aside for yourself, to avoid the temptation to spend it elsewhere in the run-up to Christmas.

Just put a Bents Gift Card in a safe place and as the holiday season approaches, it will be there as a backup in case you need it to buy Christmas decorations, table ornaments, or other festive supplies from your favourite local garden centre.

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