Small is beautiful!

Make the most out of your garden!


The size of your garden is irrelevant; it’s what you do with it that counts!

When space is limited it’s important to make the most out of every inch.  Whether you’ve got a patio, balcony or small city garden you can still create a stylish space, you just need a little bit of imagination.

Whether you like to dine alfresco during the warmer months, or simply love to relax during comfortable evenings in the sun with a bottle of wine, don’t let the size of your garden hold you back.  By using a few clever techniques such as sectioning off your seating area or garden lighting you can make your outdoor space the envy of your neighbours.

Play with your surroundings.

Introduce height and interest with landscaping products such as trellising combined with climbing plants and don’t discount garden structures such as water features.  A stone sphere is small and compact and will help create a calming and relaxing environment in any small garden.  Be bold with container gardening - which can incorporate anything from beautiful plants and flowers, for a pop of colour, to grow-your-own and full on fruit trees.

Don’t compromise on style

When it comes to furniture there’s no need to compromise on style, you just need to scale it down appropriately. Consider smaller options such as bistro sets or more versatile sets such as Hartmann’s Florence Firepit which combines a bbq in the centre of the table, allowing you to cook, serve and entertain all in one place.

Section off your area

Sectioning off your area can be as simple as framing the seating area with posts or stakes, which can range from candle stakes to topiary.  Or use more elaborate trellising with trailing plants which can be used to create a hidden room and make more of the space in your garden.

Think about how to decorate a small garden

To truly get the most out of those long summer nights you’re going to need a little lighting. This can range from a safely placed fire pit, to candle holders and solar lighting such as the Eureka Solar Light bulb set, which can be dotted around the garden.

Choosing the best Bistro Set.

As with all our furniture we offer an extensive selection of bistro sets so you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your garden.  A resin weave set is perfect for the modern garden and contemporary setting and is also the easiest to maintain. Options include free standing and separate pieces, such as the Carina Round Bistro set, or those that are formed of one piece, such the 4 Season’s Sussex Loveseat, both beautiful solutions for a small space.


And amongst our collection of bistro sets you’ll find many that fall below the affordable £250 price range. Sets such as these include the Milan Glass bistro set, our foldable Mosaic Iron bistro set and the Solana set.


At Bents we believe size doesn’t matter and our solutions for smaller gardens are all both beautiful and practical.  Our experts can offer advice and recommendations and no matter what kind of outdoor area you have, by combining garden furniture with clever planting, we can help you achieve a look that is perfect for you.

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