Reasons To Choose Artificial This Year

The Christmas Tree. An annual dilemma. Do you go for real or is this the year you opt for an artificial tree?


The Christmas Tree.  An annual dilemma.  Do you go for real or is this the year you opt for an artificial tree?  At Bents we’re big lovers of both.  Our forest of freshly cut trees is pretty impressive when it arrives in early December, but we are also big advocates of artificial and have a fantastic range of real look and real feel trees that is sure to impress this year.

It’s the variety that we’re so proud of.  A range of artificial trees in all shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find one to suit every room in the house...if your decorating extends that far!

Look and feel

Our range of artificial trees includes choices which beautifully replicate real trees such as the Weeping Spruce or Snowy Dorchester in a variety of sizes ranging from 4.5 ft to an impressive 12 ft .  The trend for traditional green foliage continues and snow brushed branches are also proving to be a favourite this year, providing a stylish background for your favourite colour theme. And with choices for slim line pencil trees to full bodied and bushy you’re sure to find something to suit any space in the home.

And it’s not only how they look that will impress.  Many of our artificial trees also have special branch tips to make them feel more real than ever before.


Pre lit

So with the look and feel taken care of, what else makes our artificial trees a great option for your Christmas centrepiece?  It has to be how hassle free they are; easier to assemble than ever before our pre-lit varieties remove the need to battle with strings of lights and the annual check to make sure bulbs are still working.


Our pre-lit varieties already have little lights entwined within the branches and our new Power Connect options even eliminate the need to connect cords together...simply assemble your tree and the power clicks into place.

Don’t forget all our pre-lit trees use LED lights, which provide the ultimate in long lasting brightness and helping to save on energy costs. Bright white lights continue to be the most popular choice but we have varieties with multi-colour lights or trees with no lights at all, allowing you to create your own twinkling masterpiece.



Finally, how about the scent?  Many people believe the true aroma of Christmas comes from the branches of a real tree, and we are inclined to agree.  But our choice of Scentsicles are ingenious little additions which will make your artificial tree smell like it’s freshly cut.

Artificial Christmas trees can be a practical, realistic and festive focus for your home as well as a long term investment that will last for many years.  So if you’ve always been tempted to make the change maybe this is the year you will opt for artificial.  Have a look at our range online, the majority of which come with free delivery, or pop in store where our team of Christmas Tree advisors are on hand to offer help and advice.

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