Pack up a picnic, whatever the weather!

We might not have had the best start to the summer, but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying some of our favourite pastimes…and surely one of the best is the gre...

Plan The Perfect Picnic

We might not have had the best start to the summer, but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying some of our favourite pastimes…and surely one of the best is the great British passion for a picnic!

Yes, it might be better to picnic when the sun shines (and surely it’s going to shine at some point this summer!) but there are lots of ways to enjoy this favourite activity whatever the weather.  Here are our top five ideas for picnicking this summer…


  1. Park-up and Picnic

If the rain is falling why not pack up a picnic and drive to your favourite spot. Whether it’s by the beach with the waves gently crashing or nestled in amongst the mountains, find your favourite view, park up the car and open your hamper. Enjoy your tasty treats from the comfort of your car listening to the rain falling and taking in the beauty of the scenery that surrounds you.


  1. One for the Grown Ups

Make it a grown up affair with fine dining taking centre stage. Put a hamper together filled with a selection of the finest foods…our Deli Counter is the perfect place to start. Choose from a selection of olives, cheeses, pate and nibbles for the perfect picnic platter before moving into our fresh food area to stock up on juicy strawberries to pop in your fizz or enjoy with a dollop of cream.


  1. Teddy Bears Picnic

Whether it’s in the local park or your own front room, the little ones will love inviting their cuddly companions along for a teddy bears picnic. Lay down a rug and let them create their own sandwiches with a selection of our fresh bread loaded with cold meats, cheeses and fresh salad. Finish off the feast with some fresh fruit and organic choices as well as tasty crisps and a variety of sweet delights.


  1. Surprise Surprise

Sometimes it’s just good to share the load and a picnic between friends can unearth some lovely surprises. There are lots of great places and open spaces where you can enjoy an outdoor get together so why not make a date with a group of friends and family and each bring two dishes along…making sure there’s enough to share around. Be sure to keep your choices to yourself so the sharing is a lovely tasty surprise for all.


  1. Home Comforts

Picnics don’t have to be something enjoyed in the summer. As Autumn approaches why not enjoy all the fun of a picnic in the comfort of your own home. Clear a space in the lounge and lay out a rug. Surround yourself with cushions and blankets and cosy up for a film fest whilst indulging in some tasty treats. Choose some delicious pastries and pies from the award winning Toppings Pies, found in our delicatessen, and crack open a can of craft beer or recommended wine from the experts at Reserve.


However you choose to picnic this summer we hope the sun shines for you, the laughter flows and your food tastes fresh and flavoursome! And don’t forget…as well as a fantastic range of delicious picnic food and drinks available in our Food Hall we also have all the picnicware essentials to enhance any experience.