Outdoor Living Style Guide 2022: Top Garden Trends to Look Out for This Year

Outdoor Living

As we move into spring and summer of 2022, many of us will be looking to get the most out of our gardens so that we can enjoy the flowers, shrubs and trees that decorate our outdoor space.

But what are the top garden trends in 2022 when it comes to the way we style our outdoor areas?

Here’s our Outdoor Living Style Guide 2022, picking out some of the biggest themes for the remainder of the year, based on this season’s exclusive outdoor furniture at Bents…

Material World

This season sees a return to ‘natural’ materials and colours for outdoor furniture, with patio suites made using weather-resistant versions of some old favourites.

Bents exclusive garden furniture ranges for 2022 include weather-proof rattan garden furniture, wicker-style hanging egg chairs, and tactile outdoor timber furniture from the Norfolk Leisure LIFE range.

We’re seeing a couple of colour trends this season too. For elegant entertaining spaces, natural colours like slate grey are proving popular, while for more of a party atmosphere, brightly coloured parasols and coloured LED garden lights are bringing the fun.

Inside Out

With the help of vaccinations we are finally seeing the COVID-19 pandemic enter its final stages, but some of the things we learned in lockdown are still likely to shape the way we use our gardens for the foreseeable future.

Fresh air and vitamin D have both been important over the past two years, and this is leading more people to choose weatherproof outdoor furniture and create seating areas that are truly outdoors, rather than in a summer house or conservatory.

Rattan garden furniture like our exclusive rattan-style garden furniture by Supremo gives you sofa-style seating that can be left out all year round and just wiped over after rain.

All Change

Although a patio furniture suite such as a large corner set can give you a well-defined seating area for plenty of people, it’s also good to have some flexibility so you can enjoy every part of your garden.

Bistro sets with smaller, lighter tables and chairs that can be easily moved around are the order of the day, along with parasols to protect against the hot summer sun and any sudden downpours, and portable fire pits for when the evenings drop cool.

We love hanging egg chairs for this trend, as they create a stylish focal point too. You’ll find hanging cocoon chairs in our exclusive Bramblecrest garden furniture range.

Sun and Seasons
More and more people are looking to make the most of their garden and get some fresh air and outdoor time as the seasons change, and not just during the sunny days of summer. A stone garden bench is a good practical alternative to a statue, creating a focal point where you can also sit and enjoy the sun.

As the seasons change, parasols and fire pits can help keep your garden hospitable as mentioned above, patio heaters can also add warmth, and outdoor LED lights are an energy-efficient way to see after dark – opt for solar lighting to free yourself from the mains supply or batteries, with solar garden lights that come on automatically at dusk.

Brightly coloured parasols can give your garden a fun and funky appearance for parties or if you have young children. The Square Roma Pergola in our exclusive Hartman garden furniture range is also a hugely versatile option, as you can get matching grey side curtains to turn it from a visual centrepiece into a highly effective shelter from wind and rain.

Party Time

A garden can be a social space, and that means preparing to party. Outdoor furniture suites around a central table are ideal for defining an area for socialising, while giving everyone a seat and somewhere to rest their drink or snacks. Fire pits are an excellent focal point too and can create that campfire feeling.

Following the events of the past two years, many of us will still be catching up with friends and even some family members for the first time since lockdown restrictions eased – so whether that’s a garden party get-together or a more intimate chat by a blazing fire pit, our gardens provide the perfect backdrop for a well-deserved and long overdue reunion.

Our exclusive Norfolk Leisure LIFE outdoor furniture has everything you need, with lounge-style furniture to create instant social spaces within your garden, complete with convenient side tables and storage boxes.

Peace and Privacy

Finally, after two years of relative isolation, the return to ‘normality’ has come as a culture shock for many people. This just reinforces the feeling of your own garden as a place of tranquillity where you can hide away from the outside world for as long as you need.

Again, comfortable outdoor seating and patio accessories like brightly coloured parasols, patio heaters, fire pits and solar lighting can all help you create your oasis of calm. We’ve all been down a long road, both together and apart – now it’s time to make your garden the space you need for the future.