Outdoor furniture for accessible gardens

At Bents we believe gardening is a pastime that everybody should be able to enjoy, which is why we are always happy to welcome customers with impaired mobility. If y...


At Bents we believe gardening is a pastime that everybody should be able to enjoy, which is why we are always happy to welcome customers with impaired mobility.

If you're planning a visit to your local garden centre, feel free to call us with any enquiries relating to accessibility and the assistance we can offer to customers with all kinds of specific needs.

But it's also important to make sure that your garden at home are accessible too, so we stock several options that can help you to enjoy your outdoor space with all kinds of mobility impairments.

Wheelchair accessible planters

Our high-level Corner Table Planter is perfect for accessible gardening, with sturdy construction and waist height containers.

Its open base means wheelchair users can manoeuvre right up to it, while the elevated containers mean there's no need to bend down.

The price includes home delivery too, so there's no need for customers to carry it out of the store - we'll deliver it direct to your property.

Adjustable height garden tables

Garden furniture suites like the Bramblecrest Monterey modular casual dining set offer great versatility for accessibility requirements.

The curved corner sofa gives guests a comfortable place to sit and relax, while the casual dining benches can be moved out of the way to allow a wheelchair to pull up to the table.

This particular set also includes an adjustable height garden table, so you can make sure it's at the ideal height for better access.

Easy access garden storage

For a convenient way to store your garden furniture cushions during bad weather, or a place you can keep tools and other garden equipment, we have a variety of easy access garden storage.

An example is the Frampton cushion box and liner, a woven cushion storage box with water-resistant lining.

Its lightweight lift-up lid is assisted by two gas struts, not only making it easier to open, but also ensuring the lid stays in the open position until it is deliberately closed.

Find out more in store

To find out more about our garden furniture range and the products we stock that might meet your accessibility and mobility needs, please get in touch or come and visit us in store at your local garden centre on Warrington Road.

We welcome all enquiries so if there's anything you'd like to ask and it's not easy for you to visit in person, you can call us on 01942 266300 or email howcanwehelp@bents.co.uk and we'll respond to your query as soon as we can.

Accessibility at Bents

Finally if you do plan to visit your local garden centre in person, Bents do our very best to accommodate customers with mobility impairments, wheelchair users and a variety of other accessibility requirements.

The car park has disabled parking spaces, while in-store there are disabled toilet facilities and wide aisles to make sure wheelchair users can comfortably browse.

If you need a wheelchair provided for you, call us in advance and we can arrange to have one ready for your arrival.

Together, our accessibility-friendly measures have earned Bents a Two Tick rating in recognition of our positive approach, and we are proud to be recognised in this way for our commitment to being an accessible garden centre for all of our customers.

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