Why outdoor battery lights are great for gardens

Outdoor battery lights are an excellent way to introduce some night-time illumination into your outside space. They’re quick and easy, and while of course main...


Outdoor battery lights are an excellent way to introduce some night-time illumination into your outside space.

They're quick and easy, and while of course mains powered garden lights have their place too, battery lights are an even more versatile way to brighten up a distant corner or secret nook.

Here's five more reasons why outdoor battery lights are great for gardens.

1. Any weather will do

We're not suggesting you leave your battery lights out in a storm, but in ordinary changeable weather conditions day in, day out, they're a good option.

Outdoor battery lights are built to withstand normal weather, and there's no need for a weather-proof mains electricity supply.

That makes them low maintenance and easy to replace if they ever do become damaged or you just want a change of lighting in your garden.

2. Feature and spot lighting

Hang a string of battery lights or a single lantern-style garden light and you've instantly got yourself some feature or spot lighting.

You could string some outdoor LED lights from a pergola or gazebo to create a lit seating area for after dark.

Or use them to highlight interesting garden features like stone ornaments and unusual water features that you don't want guests to miss.

3. Save energy

With battery powered garden lights you're not using your mains electricity supply, so in that sense you save energy.

Because battery powered lights are designed to run on batteries, they are also designed to be highly energy efficient so you get plenty of hours of use out of each set of batteries.

Just some examples of this include the use of battery powered LEDs that consume a very small amount of charge; highly efficient lighting that doesn't waste energy in the form of heat; and timer switches that can automatically turn the lights off after a few hours.

4. Move them around

There's no mains supply tying your lights down once they're installed, so why not move them around and give your garden a new look in a matter of minutes?

Just repositioning your outdoor garden lights can throw the focal point on garden fountains, or away from your water features to highlight a garden obelisk, ornament or stone bench.

You can even just highlight the foliage of a particular bush or shrub - any garden is a combination of its fixtures and its planting, and outdoor battery lights can make sure both get their turn in the spotlight.

5. Plenty of choice

Finally, garden lighting has come a long way since the days when it was a traditional lantern or lamp post.

Those classic designs are still available, but there's no end of decorative outdoor lighting to choose from, including seasonal designs like LED icicle bulbs for in the run-up to Christmas.

Classic or contemporary, elegant or avant garde, there's a seemingly endless list of ways to express yourself, so head down to your local garden centre at Bents and see what suits you the best.

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