How to make a mini wormery

7 steps to making a mini wormery!


You will need:

1 shoe box 1 2lt plastic bottle Scissors and sticky tape Soil, sand and organic material 3 – 4 worms!


What to do: 1. Tape the long edge of the shoe box lid to one of the long sides of the box so it acts like a hinged door 2. Place the box upright so it is sitting on one of its short ends 3. Cut the top off the plastic bottle so it is a similar height to the box 4. Fill the bottle starting with approximately 5cm of soil and then 1cm of sand. Repeat for a couple more layers and ending with a thin layer of soil 5. Place a layer of organic material on top…this can include leaves, vegetable peelings, tea bags (no dairy or meat). 6. Add your worms before placing the bottle inside the box and finding a dry, dark and cool place in the garden. 7. Leave your wormery for 4-5 days after which time you should be able to see the worms at work, tunnelling down to combine the organic matter with the soil and sand.


TOP TIP: Worms like moist soil so if it’s been dry in the garden give the soil a good watering, wait 30 minutes and then get digging!

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