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The Big Garden Birdwatch is back!

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The Big Garden Birdwatch is back.  This weekend will see thousands of people taking up their paper and pens to record feathery sightings and report their findings back to the RSPB.

On the Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th January the RSPB is urging both members and non-members to register for the Big Garden Birdwatch and get involved in what is thought to be one of Britain’s largest wildlife surveys.


Celebrating a special anniversary

2019 marks a special milestone for the Big Garden Birdwatch as it celebrates its 40th anniversary.  The campaign started in 1979 when the RSPB joined forces with Blue Peter to ask children to make a record of the birds they saw in their back gardens.  It was the start of something very special and since then the initiative has gone onto become a national institution, backed by celebrities such as Chris Packham who stars in this year’s TV advert.

The Big Garden Birdwatch takes just one hour of your time; just an hour to count the birds you see and report your findings and we’d like to encourage as many people as possible to get involved.  Young and old alike can document their findings and it couldn’t be easier to do…just register your interest at Big Garden Birdwatch, grab a pencil and start counting.  Your feedback will help give this fantastic charity an extensive insight into the nature that surrounds us.


Health indicator

The RSPB tell us that the UK bird population is a great indicator of the health of our countryside, so it’s hugely important we report our findings.  It’s important to detect whether or not certain species have declined in popularity or - on a more positive note - if numbers are on the increase.

Bents has everything you need to help our feathered friends thrive and flourish. Bird tables and stations are made from the finest materials and our selection of nutritious, delicious bird food helps with their daily diet. But don’t forget…once birds discover new food supplies they will keep coming back, so don’t stop as they will quickly rely on what you put out. Keep food stations well stocked and maybe have a few positioned around the garden to see if they attract different varieties.


A total of 130 million birds have been counted and recorded since the survey began in 1979 and the RSPB are hoping to add many millions more this year.  And remember, you can carry out your count anywhere, whether it’s on your own in your back garden, or with a group of friends in the local park, all reportings help provide a valuable insight into our bird population.

Good luck and happy counting! #BigGardenBirdwatch

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