How Gozney pizza ovens transform your social life


How Gozney pizza ovens transform your social life

We all know that a barbecue can be a good way to turn your garden into a socialising space, whether you have friends and family round to dinner, or just use it with members of your own household.

But if barbecues aren’t your thing – or you’re just looking for something a bit different – why not consider installing a Gozney pizza oven?

Gozney ovens are designed to add restaurant-grade pizza ovens to gardens in an instant, integrating into your outdoor kitchen area with no need to build a brick chimney and flue.

They’re stylish, modern and surprisingly affordable, making an excellent alternative to a gas barbecue when you want to entertain guests with some freshly cooked al fresco food.

Socialising through food

Tom Gozney, founder of the brand, recently told SLMan that he built his first pizza oven as a way to socialise without the focus being on alcohol.

“One evening, I was making pizzas for everyone in a conventional oven in the kitchen,” he said. “They were soggy and a bit rubbish. Spontaneously I said, ‘I’m going to buy a pizza oven for the garden.'”

After finding his options limited, he decided to build his own instead – and the first Gozney pizza oven was born.

From a first brick-built effort, Gozney pizza ovens are now portable, self-contained and very sleek, making the perfect addition to a modern garden and able to be packed away in the shed or garage when not in use.

How to throw a pizza party

Tom told SLMan of his own preparations for a garden pizza party: “What I love to do is get a few pizza paddles, get the oven on, all the toppings laid out, and then bring my guests round and show them how to open the oven, top the pizza and cook it, then let everyone make their own.”

“Everyone has fun and pizza is so much more delicious when you make it yourself,” he added, claiming that even the most basic pizza dough can be transformed into a crisp, light and bubbly base to rival artisan pizzas from Naples.

Gozney ovens are not just for pizza. The designer explained that they can also be used to cook crispy-skin fish, slow-roasted legs of lamb, perfect crispy pork crackling and unparalleled roast potatoes.

And of course, you’re not limited to cooking meat dishes – whereas a barbecue can sometimes feel very meat-focused, Gozney ovens are a versatile option to bake or roast all kinds of vegetarian and vegan-friendly recipes too.

Find out more

To find out more about garden pizza ovens, just ask a member of staff at your local garden centre on Warrington Road, Glazebury. Bents is open 7 days a week and we’re always happy to help.

You’ll find a selection of pizza ovens in stock, including the Gozney Roccbox gas pizza oven and a range of gas and wood-fired pizza ovens by Ooni.

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