How does a Smokeless Charcoal BBQ work?

One of the most innovative products at Bents’ BBQ World is the B&Co Al Fresco Smokeless BBQ Grill, a portable charcoal barbecue by Summit International. It pro...


One of the most innovative products at Bents’ BBQ World is the B&Co Al Fresco Smokeless BBQ Grill, a portable charcoal barbecue by Summit International.

It promises some impressive features that might sound like magic compared to conventional charcoal barbecues:

  • 5kg in weight, ultra portable and practically smokeless
  • 100 minutes of cooking time from 250g of charcoal
  • Ready to start cooking in approximately 5 minutes after lighting

How is all this possible? It's all down to the innovative design, which gives the Smokeless Charcoal BBQ some eco-friendly credentials too.

How the Smokeless Charcoal BBQ works

The secret to the Smokeless Charcoal BBQ is its innovative air flow system, which actively circulates air to promote a more efficient burn of the coals.

As a result, there's less smoke and the charcoal reaches temperature much faster, as well as giving you maximum cooking potential from the minimum amount of coal.

It's a great way to cook over coals without producing lots of smoke, and when you want to start your barbecue without any delay.

Within five minutes of first lighting the Al Fresco Smokeless BBQ Grill, you can have cooking capacity for six people - perfect for parties or family camping trips.

Can I control the air flow?

Yes you can. A simple rotary control on the battery pack allows you to adjust the rate of air flow instantly.

For battery power, you just need 4 AA batteries (standard pencil batteries). The Smokeless Grill also has a USB port, so you can power it from a rechargeable USB power pack to avoid the environmental impact of disposable batteries.

The adjustable air flow has several effects. One of the most useful is that it can change the heat intensity at which the charcoal burns, effectively giving you a degree of temperature control over the charcoal grill.

Again, it's a handy feature for a highly portable charcoal camping stove, and allows you to grill your food to perfection every time.

How to clean the Smokeless Charcoal Grill

It's probably no surprise that the Smokeless Charcoal Grill is designed for easy cleaning, but you might be surprised by just how easy it can be to clean after use.

The grill plate, charcoal chamber and ignition plate can be dismantled to clean separately, and the washable parts can even be put in the dishwasher for zero-effort cleaning.

Once it's clean, store the Smokeless BBQ Grill in its handy carry case, and you'll be able to grab it at a moment's notice next time you're heading out the door to head to the park, a beach party or a camping trip.

See it in-store at Bents’ BBQ World

The B&Co Alfresco Smokeless BBQ Grill is available at Bents’ BBQ World in a choice of white or black, subject to stock availability.

If you'd like to know more, just ask in-store during your next visit to Bents Garden Centre in Leigh, and a member of staff will be happy to help with any questions you might have.

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