Have a happy haunted Halloween in the garden


Have a happy haunted Halloween in the garden

If you want to give trick-or-treaters (or your own kids) a haunted house experience this Halloween, why not go for a haunted garden instead?

Decorating the garden is a great way to get your street into the Halloween spirit, as well as letting the local children know that you are happy to have visitors in the run-up to Halloween.

With October 31st landing on a Monday in 2022, you could even plan to open your ghostly garden over the weekend, starting from the Friday night when it’s likely the first few trick-or-treaters will be making their rounds.

Creepy characters for haunted gardens

There are a few ways to go when decorating the garden for Halloween. Remember to choose decorations that are quite weatherproof, in case of heavy rain or strong winds.

  • Fairies and pixies are popular garden ornaments and ideal for young children
  • Black cats and witches suit slightly older kids ready for a gentle scare
  • Skeletons and zombies can keep elder siblings interested in a gruesome garden

Remember to think about your own kids, as well as those who live nearby, and do your best to create something that will entertain everyone – even though it’s hard to please everybody!

Add a statement centrepiece

A statement statue or stone figure can make an eye-catching centrepiece for a haunted garden, while adding aesthetic appeal at other times of year.

Classic sculpted stone statues give a sense of age to your garden, which can work to your advantage when trying to make it feel haunted as Halloween approaches.

Add solar lights to illuminate your statues from below – LED rock lights blend in during the day, as they look like a large natural pebble, but will throw the focus onto your statues after dark.

Set the mood with lighting

As well as lighting your statues and other garden figures, use outdoor LED lighting to illuminate the path you want guests to follow, as well as to set a gloomy, scary or fairytale mood as appropriate for your theme.

This is a great way to define a route around your garden, either weaving between bushes, or around your statue centrepiece.

By lighting a path, you can start with some gentle jump scares, before building up to a big finish – perhaps hidden away inside the garage or out of view behind it.

Bring garden buildings into play

Finally, make good use of your garden buildings, whether that’s a garage as mentioned above, or a shed, conservatory or summer house. You could even use the hot tub to double as a bubbling witch’s cauldron!

In the shed, hide a Bluetooth speaker playing sounds of creaking floorboards and splintering wood, for an instantly atmospheric indoor space you can use however you wish, whatever the weather this Halloween.

Last but not least, stock up on some themed Halloween snacks and drinks, so your guests can leave with their treat once they’ve survived their trick!

Most of all, have fun. Halloween is more popular in some areas than others, so whether you entertain the whole neighbourhood or just your own children with a Halloween garden treasure hunt, we hope you make memories that will last a lifetime.