A Gift a Day; the modern Advent Calendar

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A Gift a Day; the modern Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar; a firm family favourite in most households in the run up to Christmas.  A traditional festive scene printed on piece of cardboard, with little doors that can be opened to reveal pretty coloured pictures to make the little ones smile.

Or that was how it all started way back in the early 19th century.  These days there’s a lot more to this festive favourite, and it’s no longer just the little ones who get to enjoy a daily surprise.

Chocolates have been appearing behind the little cardboard doors for quite some time now and decorated wooden frames with pockets can be personalised with your own little surprises.  But what has surprised us most during our research into modern day advent calendars is just how far these festive treats go.

How about Porsche’s 2010 $1m brushed aluminium advent calendar, including gifts such as a customised kitchen, a yacht and watch.  Or this year’s £104k offering from Tiffany & Co full of diamonds and gold jewellery.

Mind boggling!

But don’t worry.  We’ve got some great, more affordable, alternatives still available in store…

Chocolate Treats

The little ones (and we’re sure some of the grown-ups) will love our range of chocolate calendars, with options including red, blue and luxury Lindt as well as treats from The Snowman and a Swizzles sweet collection.

Dinky Toys

If sweet treats aren’t for you then a maybe a toy is more the ticket.  Our Playmobile calendars are hugely popular with a wide variety of mini figures and accessories to collect.

Pamper time

How about a fragranced twist on tradition with scented candles from Wax Lyrical or a pamper products from Heathcote & Ivory, L’Occitane and Cath Kidston.  Bath fizzes, beautifully scented soap and miniature hand creams are all waiting behind the little doors of these very special calendars.


As you can see, Advent Calendars are no longer just for children, there are lots of lovely choices out there all of which are much more purse friendly than Porsche’s! Whichever type of calendar you choose for the build up to Christmas we hope you enjoy your daily surprise and festive treats.

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