How to get the best from your Christmas gift budget

Whatever your budget this Christmas, we’ve got a great selection of Xmas ornaments, seasonal gifts and garden centre Christmas decorations that friends and fam...


Whatever your budget this Christmas, we've got a great selection of Xmas ornaments, seasonal gifts and garden centre Christmas decorations that friends and family will love.

Whilst we can cater for more lavish budgets, you don't have to spend a fortune to get some great gifts and stocking fillers. Here are just some ideas to consider to make the most of your money while Christmas shopping at Bents this year.

Deck the halls

A Christmas table wreath or Lemax model village makes a great seasonal gift, and one that's also useful for anyone hosting this year.

If your family follows the tradition of exchanging a gift on Christmas Eve, this could be a really good choice, as Xmas table decorations can be used immediately the following day to set the table for the big festive meal.

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

If you have green-fingered friends and family, a mature shrub or tree could make the perfect gift.

And for those people who enjoy growing something from scratch - a packet of seeds or bulbs that's suitable to plant early in the new year could prove ideal.

You could add a card with a thoughtful message that links growing seeds with a growing family, prosperity or love in general.

Something for the garden

Bents is, of course, your local garden centre so it's no surprise that many of our Christmas decorations are for outside.

Again, if your intended recipient enjoys their outside space, Christmas garden decorations can be a great gift.

Whether you opt for outdoor Christmas figures like a stag silhouette or wicker reindeer, outdoor tree lights they can add to their favourite tree or shrub, or novelty Christmas ornaments to hang from the branches, there's a huge range to suit all budgets.

Get crafty

Our on-site retail partner C-Crafts have all the craft supplies you need to make something handmade to give as a Christmas gift.

Alternatively of course, if your friend or family member enjoys crafting things, you could give them some supplies as a practical but thoughtful gift.

Give the gift of gift cards

Some people are hard to buy for, unless you let them choose their own gift. Bents’ gift cards are an excellent compromise, as you can give the recipient full control over what they buy, while still showing that you have put some thought into their present.

Best of all, the January sales are a great chance to bag a bargain at Bents, so you can give your gift card in December and still benefit from any New Year discounts too!


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