Five Tips for the Perfect Post-Lockdown BBQ

We’ve all missed out on the opportunity to socialise with friends, family and neighbours over the past year. With vaccines on the way, it’s time for life...

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We've all missed out on the opportunity to socialise with friends, family and neighbours over the past year. With vaccines on the way, it's time for life to get back on track.

Already down at your local garden centre on Warrington Road, the Bents team have been busy making changes to our store, so you can shop safely in-store, as well as by home delivery or click and collect.

So with a brighter summer on the horizon, why not head down to Weber BBQ World, one of our in-store retail partners, and plan the perfect post-lockdown BBQ for your family and friends?

1. Grill space

You don't want a queue of guests waiting for their food to go on the grill, so make sure your barbecue is big enough for everyone to have at least one item cooking at a time.

There are some excellent Weber accessories to help with this, ranging from roasting tins and warming racks to poultry holders and pizza paddles.

Check our full range of Weber BBQ accessories for more ideas of how to make the most of the grill space you have available on your barbecue.

2. Get it lit

The sooner your barbecue is up to temperature, the sooner you can start cooking for your guests, so make sure it's lit well in advance of the first arrivals.

A gas barbecue just needs lighting and you can start cooking immediately - just make sure you have enough gas in your cylinder to get you through the evening.

Weber BBQ accessories like the Weber Chimney Starter Set are a great investment for charcoal barbecues.

Just add charcoal briquettes and light, and the chimney will funnel the heat to get the coals up to a higher temperature much faster.

3. Choose your fuel

Gas barbecues are convenient and reliable, especially when weather conditions are not ideal, but charcoal briquettes give the food that unique barbecued flavour.

For a longer BBQ, Weber briquettes are a good choice. Weber charcoal briquettes have a special pillow shape, which helps them heat up in around 20 minutes and allows you to cook over fewer coals.

4. Cater for the veggies

Vegetarian guests can still enjoy a barbecue. Weber accessories include dedicated vegetable baskets, so there's no need to worry about veggie food cooking on the same grill as meat.

Invest in a spare set of barbecue tools too, so that when you need to turn or stir vegetarian food, you can grab a second spoon or set of tongs that have never touched meat.

5. Plan for cold weather

If you expect your barbecue to last into late evening, be prepared for any colder weather, especially if you have guests who might not have brought a jumper or coat.

A patio parasol heater is one good way to create that 'beer garden' feeling in your own back yard, with the added benefit of keeping the warmer air trapped beneath the parasol like a comfy cocoon.

Whatever the weather brings, some forward thinking and careful planning can still allow you to enjoy a barbecue, even if you have to duck under cover while your steaks and burgers are on the grill.

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