Create Tranquillity with a Water Feature

There’s nothing quite like the gentle sound of trickling water on a hot summer’s day to make your garden feel more tranquil and refreshing. Garden water ...


There's nothing quite like the gentle sound of trickling water on a hot summer's day to make your garden feel more tranquil and refreshing.

Garden water features come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, from traditional garden fountains and stone wishing wells, to unusual water features that add a real talking point to your outside space.

At Bents Garden Centre water features are available both in-store and online, and we also stock water feature accessories to help keep them running freely and prevent algae growth.

Here's our pick of some traditional and unusual water features to help you choose the perfect garden fountain to take your outdoor relaxation to the next level.

Ambiente Water Features

Ambiente water features range from classic water fountains to contemporary steel water walls and bubbling spheres fitted with an appropriate pump to keep the water flowing through the feature.

It's just one of the brands you'll find available from your local garden centre at Bents, and it's one of our firm favourites not only thanks to the great design, but also the huge variety on offer.

Babbling Bowl Water Feature

A babbling bowl water feature bubbles the water up through the middle of a flat-top or dish-shaped stone.

You'll get the tranquil sound of the bubbling water, but you'll also create a refreshing place for songbirds to splash around and cool down.

If you like having wildlife in your garden, this is a really excellent option as the little birds flitting back and forth should help you to relax even more.

Bubbling Boulder Water Feature

A slightly different option is a bubbling boulder water feature. In this case, instead of a flat or saucer-shaped top, the water just bubbles out over the top of a sphere.

It's a contemporary effect but benefits from the natural appearance of the materials used, and will work well in a zen garden with the peaceful trickle of water down the outside of the boulder.

All of our garden water features are self-contained, so the water is recycled and pumped back around for endless relaxation.

Unusual Water Features

Bents have all kinds of unusual water features including some very contemporary designs and sculpted stone fountains that double as genuine works of art.

Our rain effect Granite Couple water feature is just one example, sculpted in the shape of an embracing couple, with the water falling like raindrops between the pair.

Monolith fountain kits are another unusual option, featuring a tall drilled stone with a bubbling fountain that emerges from the top and cascades down the sides.

Wishing Well

Wishing wells are traditional garden centre water features or can be filled with soil and used as a planter instead.

If you decide to use your wishing well as a water feature, you can install a small garden fountain or just leave the water static and use it as a reflecting pool in your tranquil garden area.

Either way, these are hugely versatile and give you plenty of different ways to enjoy some relaxing time outside.

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