Cleaning Your BBQ Ready for Summer

It’s time for barbecues to spring back into life after a dormant winter – and if you normally only use your BBQ for entertaining, it may have seen little...

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It's time for barbecues to spring back into life after a dormant winter - and if you normally only use your BBQ for entertaining, it may have seen little use over the summer of 2020 too.

Whatever condition your grill is in, with a little elbow grease and the right products from Weber BBQ World you can have it shiny and new in no time, ready for the first sunny days.

You'll find Weber BBQ World in-store at Bents, your local garden centre on Warrington Road, or you can shop online for Weber BBQ accessories on our website.


1. Brush it down

A good first step is to brush off any larger debris and solid residues from the surfaces of your barbecue, and especially from the grill.

Weber grill brushes and T-brushes help to do this even more easily, with bristles designed to get into the hard-to-reach sides of the grill bars to dislodge burned-on food.

It's a good idea to replace your grill brush every year at the start of the barbecue season, so we'd suggest a visit to Weber World at Bents before your first BBQ of 2021.


2. Wash it off

Sometimes your rack just needs a good rinse, so detach any removable grids, grills and shelves, and wash them in the kitchen sink or a large container of hot water with a suitable cleaning fluid added.

Again, Weber accessories include a number of cleaning products, including dedicated sprays for stainless steel and enamel surfaces, so you can give your entire barbecue a makeover before your first garden party of the summer.


3. Prep the grill

Check any non-stick surfaces on your barbecue are still in good condition. If a grill or rack has proved impossible to get clean, consider replacing it - Weber World has a great selection of different sizes of cooking racks, so there should be one to fit your model of BBQ.

Before cooking, use a non-stick spray to help prevent the food from searing to the metal of the grill. You'll still get that criss-cross pattern of seared lines on the meat, but without it sticking or leaving stubborn residues to clean off later.


4. Cover it over

If you won't be using your barbecue immediately, cover it so it's protected if the heavens open.

You can do this just by closing the lid on some models, but Weber BBQ covers are made-to-measure for the most popular models of barbecue, and give an added layer of protection until your guests arrive, and after your barbecue has cooled down again at the end of the night.


5. Protect the floor

You can save yourself a lot of cleaning time and effort in future by protecting the floor under your barbecue against any drips and splashes of grease or meat marinades.

Weber Floor Protection Mat can be found in our Weber BBQ Accessories department, and gives you a heat-proof, weather-resistant and antibacterial surface on which to stand your barbecue.

This means in future, instead of scrubbing fallen food off of your patio or deck, you can just pick up your Weber Floor Protection Mat and rinse off the 100% polypropylene surface to get it nice and clean again in a matter of moments.

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