Christmas Trees: Benefits of a Real Tree


Christmas Trees: Benefits of a Real Tree

Following recent news stories warning of a UK Christmas tree shortage in the run-up to Christmas this year, we’d like to reassure all our customers that we’ve got you covered.

As usual, Bents Garden & Home will have an excellent selection of real Christmas trees and artificial Christmas trees to choose from between now and mid-December.

There’s nothing wrong with a good-quality artificial Christmas tree, and these can offer a number of benefits, including pre-lit Christmas trees, different colour schemes, and keeping your tree in storage ready for next holiday season.

But there are also plenty of benefits of a real Christmas tree – so let’s look at what some of those advantages are.

1. Carbon footprint

The environment is top of many people’s agendas, and real Christmas trees can come out on top too.

Over its lifetime, a real tree will take around a ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere.

You don’t need to worry about the impact of the tree being cut down, either – growers will replace it with a newly planted sapling, which in time will become another family’s future Christmas tree.

2. Easier than you think

Don’t assume a real Christmas tree is in any way less convenient than an artificial Christmas tree would be.

For example, there’s no need to assemble a real tree – just make sure it’s the right size for the room, and that its base is stable and secure.

You don’t need to store your Christmas tree throughout the summer months either, and many councils offer a free Christmas tree recycling service in early January, where you can take your tree along to get chipped and used in your local parks.

3. It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

A real Christmas tree has a unique fragrance that can make the holidays feel just right.

If you’re a fan of scented candles and seasonal air fresheners, you won’t find a more effective way to add the aroma of Christmas to your room than by putting up a real tree.

This can be a welcome addition in the run-up to Christmas, but most of all on Christmas morning, walking into a room that smells like fir, pine or spruce is a truly magical moment for people of all ages.

4. All shapes and sizes

Artificial Christmas trees come in a variety of heights, and you can even get slimline Christmas trees for small rooms, but real trees give an unbeatably organic range of shapes and sizes.

If you’re trying to fill an unusual nook or cranny, a real Christmas tree could be the best option.

With that said, we make sure to stock real trees that have that classic ‘Christmas tree’ shape, from the broad bottom branches to the tapered top perfect for your star or angel.

5. Family fun

Most of all, real Christmas trees are just fun. You get the excitement of choosing a tree at your local garden centre (and kids are very welcome at Bents!) and decorating it together as a family.

Clean-up doesn’t need to be difficult either. One good option is to lay some white fabric around the base of your tree to give the impression of a snowy landscape.

When it’s time to dispose of your tree, just carefully fold this fabric in from the edges, and you’ll have any dropped needles all bundled up and ready to take outside – no mess, no fuss.

If you’re tempted by the benefits of a real Christmas tree this year, come down to Bents and we’ll be happy to help you decide – and if you prefer artificial Christmas trees, we have plenty of those to choose from too!