Celebrate summer in style with Hartman garden furniture

At Bents we’re proud to stock some of the best contemporary garden furniture designs from household brands like Supremo, LIFE, Kettler, Hartman and Bramblecres...


At Bents we're proud to stock some of the best contemporary garden furniture designs from household brands like Supremo, LIFE, Kettler, Hartman and Bramblecrest Garden Furniture.

We continually refresh our range of contemporary garden furniture, to make sure we always offer you the latest on-trend options, as well as designs that make the best of modern materials and classic construction.

Here's our pick of five of the most popular garden furniture designs in recent years, which you can see in examples selected from right across the outdoor furniture brands we stock at Bents.

1. Contemporary curves

Curves are on-trend and there are some excellent items of curved garden furniture to take pride of place in your outdoor room.

Bramblecrest Hanging Cocoons are just one example of this, including Double Cocoons that offer a snug spot for two people to take a seat and cuddle up, or just enjoy the view.

Round bistro sets are a more conventional way to take part in the trend for contemporary curved garden furniture, while still offering classic design and construction.

2. Weatherproof garden seating

Why worry about moving your chairs and tables indoors every time the sky clouds over? With weatherproof garden seating you can leave your patio furniture to brave the elements, with minimal maintenance needed afterwards.

Modern materials give weatherproof garden seating a traditional appearance, but mean a quick wipe down is all it takes to get it back to full use after a shower.

For extra comfort, you can add weatherproof scatter cushions and invest in an outdoor cushion storage box for any soft furnishings that are shower-proof, but not suitable to stay outside 24/7.

3. Sand and stone

Colour schemes inspired by natural materials are very much in favour at the moment, with stone greys and sandy shades especially popular.

You'll see plenty of cream and taupe garden furniture throughout our stock, and you can team these with the real thing - a stone garden bench at the furthest point from the house, where you can rest a moment before starting your walk back.

4. Lines and angles

Not everyone is into curves, but contemporary garden furniture has you covered, with straight-edged, angular designs equally well represented.

Modular corner patio sets let you reconfigure your garden seating to fit into different sized spaces and make best use of areas alongside the house walls.

Add a contemporary garden parasol to complete the look, with straight edges and a tilting cantilever construction that adds height to your angles too.

5. Fire pit tables

Evoke feelings of bonfires on the beach, but keep it contained with a fire pit table such as the Hartman Florence Firepit Set.

This includes a round Hartman Florence table with a covered fire pit in the centre. Line the pit with sand, add your preferred fuel source, and light for a focal point and added warmth during evenings outside.

Fire pit tables are a real talking point and bring instant life to your party, and the built-in fire pit can be covered over when not in use so you don't lose out on any serving space in the middle of the table top.

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