Bents’ Essential Guide To BBQ Accessories

The weather is finally starting to warm up so make sure you’re ready to roll when the sun decides to shine.


The weather is finally starting to warm up so make sure you’re ready to roll when the sun decides to shine.  There’s so much more to barbecue accessories than meets the eye.  A pair of tongs and a spatula are key pieces of kit, but these days there’s a plethora of accessories that make the barbecuing experience even more enjoyable.

It’s all about cooking, cleaning, smoking and storage so here is Bents Garden & Home’s essential guide to our favourite features and must have items.


In addition to a good, solid set of utensils the most popular cooking accessories tend to be the Weber poultry roaster (which allows you to not only cook the perfect roast chicken, but also prepare nachos and even chocolate brownies) and a pizza stone which can also be used for baking bread and cakes…as well as delicious pizzas.

Fish basketsare also extremely useful allowing you to secure your fish and turn to cook both sides without it sticking or falling apart.

Vegetable basketsallow you grill a variety of vegetables and kebab and skewer sets are a great way to prevent any sticking to the grill.

Another excellent addition from Weber’s charcoal range is its interchangeable grill, the central part of which can be taken out and replaced with interchangeable cooking features such as a cast iron searing grate.

These are just a few of the many cooking accessories available for brilliant barbecuing.


Traditional steel grill brushes are still the best ways to clean any barbecue and best used when the grill is still warm.  De-greaser spray is also available and can help remove significant build up when required.


Smoking is all about adding flavour to your food and the technique can be used with both charcoal and gas barbecues.

Flavoured wood chips can either be added directly to the coal (for charcoal barbecues) or in a canister and placed under the grill (on gas barbecues).  The chips must be soaked in water before being added otherwise - like all dry wood - they will just burn. So… the wetter the better!

Weber wood chips are available in flavours including pecan, cherry, hickory and apple and the heat from the barbecue infuses these delicious flavours into the food.


It is always beneficial to have a place to store your barbecue, particularly during the colder months, but most barbecues are very resilient and can be left outside all year.  A cover is always advised, which will help keep dirt and debris off and prolong the life of your barbecue.  Covers are available for both charcoal and gas barbecues.

There’s nothing better than an impromptu BBQ with friends and family, but nothing worse than being unprepared, so come and see us and we’ll help kit you out with everything you need.

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