BBQ World Cup

Here at Bents Garden & Home there’s an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, heightened by the tournament coinciding with...

World Cup

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2018 World Cup in Russia is officially underway.

Here at Bents Garden & Home there’s an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, heightened by the tournament coinciding with peak barbecue season.

Nothing excites the masses quite like grilled meat and international football - they go together like Hoddle and Waddle! To mark the occasion, we’ve compiled a list of the most football-mad, barbecue-barmy nations from around the world.


It’s no secret that Argentinian steak is a force to reckon with, but amongst aficionados, Asado, the Argentinian style of barbecue carries a notoriety that rivals Maradona. Argentinians will often feast on an entire cow cooked over a wood-burning fire. They serve it with cups of traditional mate tea which is famous amongst the Gaucho for its strength-giving qualities.


Football may be an up-and-coming sport in Japan, but barbecue has been a part of the culture for centuries. Yakitori is grilled over special white charcoal which doesn’t produce smoke and burns for longer, at a lower temperature. Khushi (bamboo skewers) are loaded with spicy chicken and grilled, smothered in Yakitori sauce.

For the complete Japanese barbecue, serve Yakitori with cold Asahi Super Dry beer or sake.


Every good BBQ should offer a few ‘non-meat’ options and the Greeks do this brilliantly. But fear not carnivores, their food is just as good as their surprising victory at Euro 2004.

Hummus, halloumi, olive oil, feta and dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) are all staples, and there are countless vegan-friendly options across this colourful and varied cuisine.


Pele, Ronaldinho and churrasco– three legends of Brazil. And much like the thrilling style of their street samba footballers, Brazilian barbecue is now revered all over the globe.

More than any other style of barbecue in the world, the focus of churrasco is on sheer quantity; churrascarias are infamous for unloading skewer after skewer of meat onto their guest’s plates until they can’t manage another bite. Various kinds of meat are served at Churrasco, but often it’s beef, skewered and cooked at high heat over an open flame.

If you really want to give your garden party the feel of Rio Carnival this summer, then serve Churrasco with ice-cold Caipirinha cocktails.

The Philippines

They may not be renowned for their ball control but when it comes to manning a grill, The Philippines are amongst the world’s best. Lechon involves roasting a whole pig (minus the innards) over charcoal for several hours and is often wheeled out for special occasions such as weddings due to the nature of the spectacle.

Footballers that BBQ!

Andy Cole Patrick Berger Paulo Wanchope Mark Fish Frank Lebouf

Can you name any more? Let us know in the comments section below.

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