Add some wonder with a garden wishing well

If you’ve ever wanted the kids to spend more time playing outdoors in the fresh air, a garden wishing well can help make your (and their) dream come true. A la...


If you've ever wanted the kids to spend more time playing outdoors in the fresh air, a garden wishing well can help make your (and their) dream come true.

A large wishing well creates an instant centrepiece for a quiet corner or hidden nook of your garden, and you can team it with other garden ornaments to create a sense of magic and mystery.

But even on its own, a wishing well can be used to inspire kids' imaginations, while doubling as a planter or water feature for mum or dad to enjoy too.

Where to put a garden wishing well

Think about where you want your wishing well ornament to go. A secluded area, out of sight from elsewhere in the garden, is a good choice if you want it to feel as though fairies might be nearby.

A shaded spot beneath the branches of a mature tree can also be good, and you can add fairy doors to the tree trunk as you start to build up your little community of forest folk.

By placing your wishing well near the farthest end of your garden, you create a destination for sunny strolls, and something to reward your children for venturing further out into the fresh air.

Fairy themed garden ornaments

At Bents we stock a great selection of pixie and fairy themed garden ornaments including an extensive range of Fountasia garden ornaments.

Some examples of fairy garden ornaments we sell include:

Exact stock levels depend on demand so if you're creating a mini fairy kingdom in your garden, we're bound to have the elf or pixie garden ornaments you need at Bents Garden Centre in Glazebury.

Light it up

Fairy Spot Lights come on at night to illuminate the seated fairy figure, and there are several different colours to choose from.

They make a cute addition to any flower bed, but especially if you're making an area for the little woodland folk to live in your garden.

Just a small splash of light can make the area come alive at night, and you may find yourself taking a walk down the garden to enjoy the enchanting view even after the kids have gone to bed.

Plant it out

Get your children involved hands-on by planting some pretty flowers in and around your garden wishing well area.

If your wishing well doubles as a planter, you've already got your first place to sow some seeds, bulbs or plug plants for a splash of colour come the summer months.

Many wildflower seeds can be sown directly into the grass - just sprinkle them around the area and water them in for some colourful blooms growing straight out of the lawn.

Finally, consider planting classics like sunflower seeds. The kids will love measuring how tall the sunflowers have grown, and they provide even better contrast against the miniature fairy ornaments, Pixie Portal doorways and other features of your home-made fairy kingdom.

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