10 Christmas ideas for a festive garden


10 Christmas ideas for a festive garden

Just because winter is coming, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your garden right through until early spring. With that in mind, we’ve put together 10 Christmas ideas for a festive garden you can enjoy come rain, snow or sunshine in the run-up to Christmas and beyond.

1. Snow problem

If you have young children in the house, be prepared for snow days by clearing your lawn of any debris. This is a quick win, leaving you with a lawn that looks better on clear days, and one you can safely play on without fear of objects hidden under the snow. Shop our garden storage range for some weather-proof storage options for your tidied-up bits and pieces.

2. Seen Santa?

There are lots of ways to have Santa make an appearance in your garden. Our ‘Santa please stop here’ garden stake is a fun addition, or for a more mature garden, take a look at Border Stoneware Standing Santa and Sitting Santa as options.

3. Feathered friends

Bird figures make great Christmas garden ornaments. Robbie Robin is a cute addition to any outside space, including balconies if you’re decorating a smaller outdoor area. Again, Border Stoneware Small Robin and Large Robin are slightly more serious alternatives.

4. Smiling faces

You can have a family of smiling snowpeople in your garden whatever the weather this year. Border Stoneware Snowman and Snowwoman are the perfect pairing for a romantic and festive garden display.

5. In the trees

Trees are synonymous with Christmas so light yours up and make the most of them. Consider adding a lantern bird feeder in among the lights, with extra-large capacity to keep your garden wildlife fed throughout the difficult winter months.

6. Looks like reindeer

If you have a quiet corner or a little clearing beside a tree, pop in one of our 120cm outdoor reindeer figures to light it up. They’re great value, high-impact and also available in 90cm and 60cm sizes.

7. Burning bright

Stay warm and cosy with our selection of firepits, or go super stylish with designer patio heaters including on-trend copper pendant heaters in our range of Kettler garden accessories.

8. The lights are on…

Our extensive range of outdoor Christmas lights includes string lights, hanging cascades and solar stakes. Mains-powered vs battery LED lights, timer switches and a choice of colours mean there’s something to suit all gardens down at Bents.

9. …and someone’s home!

Elfstead is a solar-powered garden building with hand-painted details. Its colour-changing lights are a great way to add a magical element to raised beds, rockeries and garden walls. Charged by sunlight so no need for wiring or batteries, just place it in a sunny spot!

10. Wreath the benefits

Christmas garden wreaths add an elegant festive touch to doors, garden walls and other flat surfaces. Bents have a range of garden Christmas wreaths, including matching garlands and pre-lit Christmas wreaths with a battery-powered timer for mains-free operation.

Be creative!

These garden Christmas ideas should give you a starting point, with plenty of ways to make them your own. For more inspiration, just head down to the Bents Christmas Shop to see the full range of what we’ve got in-store in the run-up to Christmas this year.